The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We’ve partnered with Apple to bring you a curated selection of the finest Mothering Sunday tech
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FashionBeans x Apple Mother's Day Gift Guide
Think about it. A human (that's your mum) carried another human (that's you) around in their abdomen for the best part of a year. And it didn't stop there. After that, human A had to then pour their heart and soul into raising human B to be a functioning member of society. So when you think of it all like that, buying them a smartwatch or a pair of wireless earphones now and then is the very least you could do.

With that in mind, Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and to save you frantically trawling the local homeware store on the 11th, we here at FashionBeans have curated a selection of the finest Mothering Sunday tech with the help of Apple. And not a kitchen utensil in sight.
If she’s going to listen to power ballads on repeat, she might as well do it right. The HomePod takes the concept of a speaker to a whole new level. As well as using Apple-engineered audio technology to deliver the highest-fidelity sound, it also allows your ma to control any smart home devices with just her voice. So no more calls to you to figure out how to work the thermostat.
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Apple Watch Series 3
We’ve come a long way since sundials, that’s for sure. In 2018, time-tellers can multitask with the best of them. King of them all: the Apple Watch Series 3, which not only looks like your typically cool Apple fare (sleek, tick; minimal, tick; understated, double tick), it will answer calls, send texts, stream music and, of course, let your mum know what time it is.
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iPad Pro
If there’s one thing we know about mums, it’s that they love to hold a touchscreen device in one hand while prodding at the screen with the index finger of the other. Anyone would think thumbs had never been invented. Fortunately, that’s the most effective way of operating an iPad, making the new Pro model, with its striking display and three colour options, the ultimate in mum-friendly tech.
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Sure, some mums love knitting, but they don’t want to lose hours to untangling muddled headphone cables. Luckily, Apple’s revolutionary AirPods sidestep that annoyance, cutting the cord and connecting wirelessly to any iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. They can even be charged in the case while out and about, leaving her tangle-free and unrestricted while running or at the gym.
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Lifeprint Photo And Video Printer
Chances are, your mum prefers real photographs to the ones stored on a computer. As if by magic (no, really), the Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer brings together the best of both worlds. Using Hyperphoto technology, it wirelessly spits out augmented reality pictures from social media that move and come to life. Inked right onto sticky-back paper, she can decorate her home with all her favourite memories (of you, naturally).
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Apple TV 4K
If your mum is going to watch the entire box set of Downton Abbey (again), she might as well do it in glorious 4K with Apple TV. As well as giving access to content from iTunes and apps on the App Store, she can control it using her voice and the Siri Remote. Plus, with 90 days of technical support, there’s no more late night calls to you to figure out how to change the channel.
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Apple Pencil For iPad Pro
Remember pencils? Like, with wood and graphite? No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous. But your mum does, which is why she’ll be astounded to see just how far they’ve come. Apple’s high-tech version for the iPad Pro does all the things the pencils of yesteryear wished they could, allowing her to create stunning pictures that’ll knock your childhood ones off the fridge in no time.
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iPhone Lightning Dock - Gold
If your mum is anything like, well, nearly every mum on the planet, and is a bit of a neat freak, she’ll love this sleek iPhone Lightning Dock. In addition to eliminating the need for cluttered, messy wires whether at home or work, she can also use it to connect to speakers for audio playback and to enjoy some increased clarity during speakerphone calls.
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Tile Pro Series Trackers
Putting something down, turning around for a second, then realising it has vanished into an alternate dimension. Classic mum. Tile's Pro Series Trackers make this (slightly funny) daily occurrence a thing of the past. They can be attached to anything – her keys, her purse, your dad – to make them instantly trackable in real time via an app. Maybe stick one on her, too.
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CliqueFie Selfie Stick
Flimsy selfie sticks from street sellers are a surefire way for your mum to introduce her smartphone to the pavement. The remote-controlled CliqueFie Selfie Stick comes with no such worry, thanks to a robust, lightweight retractable aluminium body that can also be mounted on a tripod for shake-free shooting. Cue her sending you a barrage of improved snaps (of herself).
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