The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Mahershala Ali

Where: Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA

Mahershala Ali is having a bit of a run at the moment. The actor picked up a well deserved Golden Globe gong for his supporting role in Green Book with upcoming, much-anticipated parts in blockbuster Alita: Battle Angel and the third series of True Detective. Helping his star shine even brighter is Ali’s sterling fashion sense as exemplified by the pinpoint accuracy in this black tie get-up, with a white-shirt-for-black switcheroo straight out of the modern tailoring handbook.

Mahershala Ali

Who: Dave Franco

Where: 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Los Angeles

Dave Franco is underrated. Seriously the guy nails that classy Manhattan type look like a Maraschino cherry perched over a whisky cocktail. This one has a bit of an east coast Hugh Hefner vibe with a velvet dinner jacket and gold leaf stucco that’s anchored by a neutral, sophisticated black. It’s proof that any embellishments are best kept to a classic uniform.

Dave Franco

Who: Edgar Ramirez

Where: BAFTA Tea Party, Los Angeles

Before it was hijacked by the streetwear crowd, the bomber jacket was as classic as casual menswear could get. It, therefore, looks ace in this stand-up look from actor Edgar Ramirez paired with some luxe suede boots and a hearty knit. It all just looks so easily done, which is more than can be said for all those brand-touting hypebeasts on the ‘streets’.

Edgar Ramirez

Who: Timothée Chalamet

Where: BAFTA Tea Party, Los Angeles

It’s rare to see Timothée Chalamet in anything but a beautifully crafted Louis Vuitton suit these days. He nails dress-down casual here though with a statement, oversized knit intelligently paired with some sturdy rolled-up denim and worker boots for a look that straddles workwear and Chalamet’s favoured high fashion stylings.

Timothée Chalamet

Who: Richard Biedul

Where: London Fashion Week Men’s, UK

A style favourite here at FashionBeans HQ, you might recognise model Richard Biedul from every (and we do mean every) street style gallery from the latest London fashion week. His look here is all about those wider than the M6, mid-century style trousers kept artfully on-point by the differing tonal shades of blue in his billowing coat and trim dress shirt.

Richard Biedul

Who: Brooklyn Beckham

Where: Kent & Curwen show, London Fashion Week Men’s

Brooklyn Beckham has that boyish-poet-living-off beans-and-the-love-of-a-seductive-courtesan shtick down to those boho beads around his wrist. Wait, isn’t that just Ewan McGregor’s character in Moulin Rouge? Anyway, it’s all rooted in those workwear basics like the grandad collared shirt, herringbone chore jacket and stompy Docs all lovingly splashed together like the couplets he presumably rattles off on his run-down typewriter.

Brooklyn Beckham

Who: Isaac Carew

Where: London Fashion Week Men’s, UK

Model and cookbook writer, Issac Carew was a regular fixture on the catwalk and off it this past London Fashion Week. His wardrobe is tastefully casual with a few standout pieces thrown in like this jazzy jacket cinched perfectly at the waist. From then on it’s a fine balance. More jazz and you’re heading into scumbro territory. Tone it down with a basic jeans and tee combo below and you’ve got something that would suit anyone, model credentials or not.

Isaac Carew

Who: David Beckham

Where: London Fashion Week Men’s, UK

Ah, the bossman suit. It tells people exactly who you are: the boss. It’s got wide lapels and comes double-breasted which as you (hopefully) know should only be buttoned up at the middle. Its trousers are cropped at the hem because a boss would simply not allow bunches around his shoes, and it’ll have texture running through it so it doesn’t come across as too city slicker. David Beckham is that boss. And you better watch and listen to him while he’s showing you how to wear the hell out of that bossman suit.

David Beckham

Who: Tinie Tempah

Where: London Fashion Week Men’s, UK

Freed from the shackles of fit, a suit can look like a drastically different creature. Take this sky blue affair from rapper Tinie Tempah which hangs loosely like a piece of athleisure. The chunky ridged cord helps to take it further away from our pre-conceptions while the simple white tee and sneaker accompaniment dress it down even more. It shows that if you’re going to tear up the tailoring rule book, you might as well throw it in the fire while you’re at it.

Tinie Tempah

Who: Rami Malek

Where: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ TV show, Los Angeles

Got a date coming up? Oh what to wear, it’s the eternal question. Nay bother, just direct your peepers to what Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek is touting here. A smart cropped jacket sits over slim jeans (not chicken legged skinny, mind) with a striped polo shirt to break the look up and bring light to the dark. It’s casual but considered, like you didn’t just throw on yesterday’s clothes.

Rami Malek

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