The Best-Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: The British Fashion Awards, London

Male model Oliver Cheshire could probably wear the hell out of a plant pot if he so desired. But put him in a bespoke chocolate brown double-breasted suit by London tailor Jack Davison, and you could quite reasonably file this photo in the dictionary under the term ‘menswear perfection’. Especially when he’s contrasting it with a crisp and classic white dress shirt.

Oliver Cheshire

Who: Chadwick Boseman

Hollywood Reporter Power 100 Women In Entertainment Breakfast, Los Angeles

Gentlemen, a word of warning: clash your patterns with caution, as you’re going to need some mighty style chops to pull it off effectively. Luckily, Black Panther leading man Chadwick Boseman knows how to nail the look, mainly by varying the size of the two patterns and opting for a neutral brown base colour to tie it all together.

Chadwick Boseman

Who: Shawn Mendes

Where: iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Arrivals, New York

The most effective looks are often the ones that are easiest to pull off. Take this simple all black affair worn by singing and songwriting heartthrob Shawn Mendes. The sleeves on the polo are cut perfectly around the mid-bicep, while the tonal skinny jeans and Chelsea boots help simultaneously streamline and elongate his silhouette. Whatever way you spin it, black is just a rock ‘n’ roll colour. Ask Johnny Cash if you don’t believe us.

Shawn Mendes

Who: Idris Elba

Luther Series 5 TV Show Photocall, London

How do you make streetwear classy? Well, if there’s anyone who can show us the way its got to be rumoured 007 contender Idris Elba. High fashion brands like Comme des Garçons are repped right alongside more underground names, like a jumper from up-and-coming designer Reese Cooper, so it’s not all shallow sloganeering. And then it’s all up to a crisp pair of green chinos to complete an easy and breezy casual look that doesn’t try hard to be cool, it just is.

Idris Elba

Who: Justin Theroux

Where: Bumblebee Film Premiere, Los Angeles

Never one to miss a trend, actor and never-ageing motorbike-goth Justin Theroux was seen getting in on the corduroy trend this week. Taking the overshirt back to its workwear roots, he rolled up the sleeves of his micro-cord version and got stuck into other menswear staples in the form of black jeans and Chelsea boots.

Justin Theroux

Who: Milo Ventimiglia

Where: Build Speaker Series, New York

This week’s layering masterclass comes courtesy of Milo Ventimiglia, who slotted a denim jacket underneath a dashing winter coat. The key is not to go oversized with your under jacket and keep it trim like you would a waistcoat. Some hard-wearing boots and jeans complete a sturdy, winter-appropriate look.

Milo Ventimiglia

Who: David Tennant

Where: Mary Queen of Scots Film Premiere, London

When you’ve got the Tour de France at 5pm but need to be back in time for the red carpet of your new movie at 7pm, simply take a leaf out of David Tennant’s book. Half zips have been everywhere for a few seasons, and Tenant is right to keep the cut slim and form-hugging to slot underneath his suit with ease. The former Doctor Who man also earns bonus points for picking two colours from the same wheelhouse to go together.

David Tennant

Who: Liam Payne

Where: The British Fashion Awards, London

Harry Styles might have won the style war between the 1D boys in 2017, but this year it’s all about Liam Payne. Finishing the year on a high, the ‘Familiar’ singer turned to Hugo Boss for this finely fitting velvet dinner jacket. He’s also cleverly given the outfit a contemporary feel by swapping out the white shirt for a black version. Not just a pretty face.

Liam Payne

Who: John Krasinski

Where: A Quiet Place Screening, Los Angeles

Sometimes all it takes to impress is a nice jumper. Chunky jumper styles are particularly stirring, and Jack Ryan star John Krasinski wears his proudly, pairing it with some slim-fitting stone chinos. If going tonal, just make sure the shades are slightly different to avoid looking like you’re wearing a onesie.

John Krasinski

Who: Khalid

Where: iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Arrivals, New York

You can’t create a masterpiece unless you have a clean blank canvas on which to work. Singer Khalid must know this all too well, crafting smooth R&B gems and fire outfits on the reg. Showing off the latter here, he builds up from a neutral black base, throwing a lemon-flavoured jacket on top, made sweeter by the eye-popping contrast created.


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