The Best Men’s Puffer Vests To Buy In 2023

When in need of a new layer to keep you warm, a lack of sleeves may feel like a dealbreaker. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without brakes or a house without a roof, would you? It’s just a fundamental part of the package. But to strike a men’s puffer vest from your outerwear wish-list because of its sleeveless design would be a mistake. In fact, it would be to deny yourself one of the greatest layering pieces in modern menswear.

Once a country staple, the merging of old-school dress codes has seen puffer vests infiltrate all areas of men’s fashion. It’s been layered over baggy hoodies by haute-streetwear pioneers. It’s been slimmed down and styled under tailored jackets by style-savvy city workers. It’s been teamed up with preppy pieces like Oxford shirts and boat shoes, and paraded around university campuses by the Ivy League elite.

The best puffer vests for men (also known as gilets), you see, are more than just an extra layer of insulation. They’re an economical way of adding something else to your look – another color or texture to give your outfit a lift. For many years, you could only seem to get padded ones but now they’re available in fleece, canvas, corduroy and wool.

Here are some modern ways to wear one, as well as some suggestions on where to get the most bang for your buck.

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The Best Men’s Puffer Vests


Japanese high-street outfitter Uniqlo is a safe bet for most menswear essentials, but alongside Oxford shirts and reasonably priced selvedge denim, it’s ultra-light down vests and jackets that it does best. Beyond classic styles, there are also V-neck puffer vests, which are perfect for lining your suit jacket on wintery morning commutes. At less than $50 a pop, you’ll struggle to find better.

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When it’s not busy saving the planet or suing Donald Trump, Patagonia is making some of the best down vests around. Durable, packable and made using ethically sourced down and recycled fabrics, the best men’s puffer vest from Patagonia is as much an investment in the environment as it is in your wardrobe. Plus, if you happen to tear it on a particularly jagged rock (read: bus-shelter wall) while out climbing (read: waiting for the bus), Patagonia will fix it up as part of its Worn Wear initiative.

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The North Face

Beloved by intrepid mountaineers and streetwear influencers alike, The North Face has long been the go-to brand for both camps when it comes to puffer jackets and their equally puffy armless counterparts. The iconic Nuptse vest has long been one of the Californian label’s signature pieces, and having been reworked by transcendent skatewear brand Supreme on several occasions, it’s not without its street credentials.

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THE NORTH FACE 1996 Retro Nuptse Slim-Fit Quilted Shell Down Gilet

Universal Works

Famed for its loose cuts, unstructured tailoring and godlike grasp on layering, Universal Works understands the importance of the best puffer vests for men better than most. Granted, you won’t find any boundary-pushing outdoor tech here. What you will find, however, is texture, quality, and designs that somehow manage to look like they’re from both 100 years ago and the future all at the same time.

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Carhartt WIP

Carhartt is to workwear what Sellotape is to, well, sticky tape. Heavy cotton canvas, robust zippers and pull cords, stitching that won’t give up even after decades of daily abuse. That’s what Carhartt is all about, and the brand’s WIP (Work In Progress) line brings all of the above to a collection of style-conscious urban essentials.

The duck canvas is one of the best puffer vests for men and is one of the label’s signature pieces. Perfect for layering under a chore coat or popping on over a hoodie on warmer days.

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Carhartt Vest


It’s cold in Sweden. Like, really cold. No surprise then that the country’s finest high-street den of minimalism is crafting some of the best men’s vests from here to Stockholm. Styling is simple and unmistakably Scandinavian, but the best part is that the price points will leave you with enough change to layer up with a new jacket, too.

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Quilted Liner Vest

Polo Ralph Lauren

Nobody does preppy essentials better than Polo Ralph Lauren, and what is the best puffer vest for men, if not that? The New York outfitter’s down vests are a must-have item for anyone who likes their Oxford shirts freshly ironed and boat shoes worn sockless. And while we can’t endorse the latter of those two points, we can certainly vouch for the versatility and timelessness of a Polo Ralph Lauren vest.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN Packable Down Gilet


If you’ve ever looked at a down vest and thought to yourself, “This is nice, but I wish it was a bit shiny and five times the price,” then Moncler is the label for you. Born in the Alps, you’re now just as likely to spot one of these premium body warmers on a city-dwelling executive as you are on an Italian skier, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are some of the most luxurious gilets money can buy.

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Another workwear brand with a reliable and long history, Filson was founded in 1897 and is often a go-to for fans of the great outdoors. A puffer vest from Filson will be technically sound and ideal for your outdoor adventures, while still providing fashion and comfort.

If you’re wary of going too outdoorsy with your look, balance the technical top half out with some dark denim and canvas sneakers. If not, opt for black cargo trousers in a slim cut and a pair of teched-out trail runners to complete the look. Bonus points if they’re Gore-Tex.

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Best Men's Puffer vest - Filson
Image Credit: Filson

Canada Goose

Not unlike Moncler, Canada Goose is a luxury outerwear brand with the price tags to match. With a patch you’d notice anywhere, jackets and puffer vests from Canada Goose signal quality as readily as they signal some level of wealth. But rest assured knowing you’ll remember the quality long after you’ve forgotten the price, and an investment in a Canada Goose outerwear piece is one that will last a lifetime.

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Best Men's Puffer vest - Canada Goose
Image Credit: Canada Goose


Classic workwear brand Dickies has long made the best puffer vests for men as one of their staple layering power tools. Why? It’s versatile, comfortable, and perfect for stacking as part of a rugged, workaday look. To style it, start off with a plain T-shirt as a base layer and throw a heavy flannel shirt on top. Next, pop a canvas gilet on and finish with a classic French chore jacket – you can take this off inside and the look will still work.

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Best Men's Puffer vest - Dickies
Image Credit: Dickies

J. Crew

Collegiate style is one of the cornerstones of modern menswear, and knowing how to work it into your wardrobe without looking like an overgrown frat boy is a useful skill to master. When seeking preppy clothing that’s a league above, look no further than J. Crew.

As preppy clothing goes, the quilted puffer vest from J. Crew is a must-have for layering. It’s an integral part of the Ivy League look, but also something that can be easily incorporated into any casual outfit.

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Best Men's Puffer vest - J Crew
Image Credit: J. Crew

How To Wear Men’s Puffer Vests

Naturally-aged raw denim is the way to go down below. Tie it together with a pair of sturdy boots and a beanie.

This kind of outfit fits the bill for anything from putting the finishing touches to your pallet coffee table in a freezing cold garden shed, to kicking up leaves in the park over the weekend. Casual, durable, and with timeless stylishness as a bonus.

For a more preppy look, start off with a plain Oxford shirt in white or light blue; you can layer it beneath a crewneck sweater on colder days. A down puffer vest will help to tie the look together and create a sense of depth through layering.

For the legs, a beige or navy chino is the obvious choice, finished off with a classic boat shoe. Go for something with a thicker tread to see you through the winter months.

Best Men's Puffer vest - J Crew
Image Credit: J. Crew

FAQs About Men’s Puffer Vests

Are puffer vests in style for men?

Short answer: yes. Layering is in, and puffer vests offer men the opportunity to add more texture and dimension to a look. Whether your style leans preppy, athletic, or outdoorsy, puffer vests will add to your outfits.

What is the point of a puffer vest?

The puffer vest is one of the most misunderstood types of outerwear for men, thanks to the sleevelessness. It seems counterintuitive to wear a down jacket that lacks sleeves, sure. But a puffer vest really shines in climates where you want to keep warm without overheating. Think of it like when you put a foot out of the covers in bed to regulate your body’s temperature.

Who makes the best puffer vests?

Some of the best brands for men’s puffer vests are Patagonia, Canada Goose, Moncler, Carhartt, Dickies, Uniqlo, and Filson, among others on this list.

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