Past a certain age, there’s no excuse for a man to continue the Sussex University 2007 Halls Of Residence School Of Interiors. So that means no unframed photographs tacked to the wall, no hideous gap year ornaments and certainly no “babe” posters.

However, homeware is often expensive, and not something most guys choose to splurge on. The upside is that it makes for a sound Christmas gift for men, and one that’s always well-received (unlike the annual Poundland fragrance set). So, we’ve compiled the easy Yuletide wins that might just get some use.

Framed David Bowie Print

Everyone loves David Bowie. And if he doesn’t, then he’s frankly undeserving of a Christmas present. So consider this majestic print, courtesy of Sonic Editions, a befitting gift for every would-be Starman.

Buy Now: £300.00

Ted Baker Ballpen Premium Ballpoint Pen

The art of handwriting is, admittedly, dying. But the necessity for a good pen is not. Ted Baker’s gunmetal ballpoint version is a desktop essential to match any aesthete’s workspace, right next to the leather notebook, standard-issue Macbook Pro and obligatory flat white.

Buy Now: £40.00

Tom Dixon Champagne Set

Good champagne deserves a worthy home (and Prosecco needs a Bourgeoisie disguise), especially at Christmas. Let Tom Dixon be your estate agent, with a twin set of copper-lined glasses that’ll up your bottle’s market price whatever the initial price tag.

Buy Now: £60.00

Braun DCF Clock

Interior design has thankfully shifted from naff “shabby chic” to modern industrial. And nowhere is this cool aesthetic more evident than with Braun’s wall clock – a radio-controlled ticker that makes clock-watching a pastime we could get on board with.

Buy Now: £49.00

Ted Baker Shorcae A5 Notebook

Rather than settle for a bog-standard Pukka Pad, upgrade his office tome with Ted Baker’s embossed A5 Notebook. Quality kit speaks far louder to the MD than business jargon, grandstanding and sly blind-copied emails.

Buy Now: £15.00

Shinola Leather Basketball

Not all sports fans are Stella-guzzling louts counting the days until the next transfer deadline day. Shinola caters to the more historically interested fella, crafting this iconic, traditional basketball that’s for the mantlepiece, not the court.

Buy Now: £195.00

M&S Manhattan Bar Tool Stand

New York seems a great idea at Christmas until you’ve suffered the cold, the crowds and the less-than-festive attention from the guy at customs. So, save on a plane ticket by bringing the Manhattan cocktail bar to you. M&S’ sharp tool stand packs everything you need to produce a Big Apple-worthy drink – and the hangover to match.

Buy Now: £39.50

Thomas Lyte Grained Leather Card Set

Happy New Year: we’re closer to the apocalypse than ever (or at least post-turkey boredom). So when the electric – or humour – cuts out, enlist some good old-fashioned parlour games with Thomas Lyte’s stylish card set.

Buy Now: £70.00

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Travel Candle

If his flat smells like a combination of fabric conditioner and body spray, it’s high time for an olfactory upgrade. Jo Malone’s pomegranate-infused candle is a heaven-scent gift and one that’ll lift even the dreariest of man dens.

Buy Now: £23.00

John Lewis Alpine Plate

Just when your arteries collapse from all the fat-drenched Christmas food, somebody brings out a cheese plate. At least it can look cool, though. John Lewis’s Alpine tray gives a handsome nod to Swiss sentiments and woody glades – even if you don’t intend to leave the house for most of December.

Buy Now: £22.00

H&M Cushion Cover

Fed up of the naff “live, laugh, love” furnishings plaguing your Instagram feed? So are we. H&M’s impressive homeware range is the antidote to such interior misgivings, offering a cool, simple line-up – including this masculine jacquard-weave cushion – that breaks the mould without breaking the bank.

Buy Now: £12.99

M&S Bloomsbury Bar Tray

Whether he’s serving up an Old Fashioned or resorting to a meal in front of the telly, at least he can do it in style with M&S’s Bloomsbury Bar Tray: a simple, silver-tone carry-all that’ll remain a sophisticated stalwart for years to come.

Buy Now: £29.50