It’s a look that lives on a knife-edge – go too oversized and it just looks like you’re dressed up in dad’s work clothes. The body can be loose, but you need to nail the trousers and sleeves – the former at your wrist, the latter with a small break on your shoe. “If they’re too long, it gives the impression of the whole suit being too big and shapeless,” says Loe.

Beyond that, you can go as loose as feels comfortable (the bigger the suit, the more on-trend). Double-breasted jackets are particular of the moment, especially worn open and mixed with other, unexpected elements, like hoodies and joggers.

Dress it up: Lean into the old-school-meets-new-school vibes with a ’70s roll neck.

Dress it down: Take a note from fashion week cool kids and make an oversized suit jacket your new outerwear, over anything from a T-shirt to a hoodie.