8 Stylish Ways To Wear Streetwear In The Summer

Like toothpaste and orange juice, hot sauce and genitals, cyanide and pretty much everything, there are some things in life that simply do not (and never will) go together. You’d be forgiven for lumping summer and streetwear in there too, given that one is all about scorching heat, BBQs and beer gardens, while the other is defined by slouchy hoodies, chunky trainers and puffer jackets. But before you hang up your grail pieces for the next six months, consider simply switching how you wear them. “Hot weather doesn’t mean you have to revert back to basics,” says Joshua Meredith, fashion coordinator at Notion Magazine. “You can rework your favourite streetwear styles to combat the hot weather and stay cool.” The trick is in using alternative ways to put an outfit together to keep things interesting. “Pair pieces with shorts to create summer-appropriate looks, and tie jumpers around your waist or across your chest to add extra layers to your outfit without overheating,” he adds. To that end, here are eight ways to coast through the sunny season, swag intact. Now, all you have to do is get dressed.

Overshirt + Printed T-shirt + Chino Shorts

As any man who has ever owned a lightweight Harrington knows, not all jackets have to go into storage when summer rolls around. Get clever with your choices, and there’s no reason to give up on layering. However, when it’s hot enough to melt lead outside, achieve the same structured upper half with a lightweight overshirt. Prioritise breathable fabrics such as a linen-cotton blend, ideally in a looser cut to maximise air circulation, and layer it over a printed or graphic T-shirt to make it pop. This look doesn’t exactly scream ‘skater boy’ up top so you can afford to loosen up down below with chinos shorts that hit just above the knee and a pair of lifestyle runners or retro sneakers.

Carhartt WIPCarhartt WIP

Long-Sleeve Top + Camo Shorts + High Top Sneakers

One of the greatest military style contributions, camouflage has long held a special place in the male wardrobe, particularly when it comes to urban looks that aim to do anything but blend in. The key to pulling off (or rather, on) printed shorts is to make sure the rest of the outfit is pared-back and free from competing motifs. For this reason, a block colour long- or short-sleeve T-shirt will always be a winner, but a subtle logo is passable if you want to show off your brand allegiances. With hemlines firmly above your knees, close the gap by using a pair of high-top sneakers — think Vans Sk8 Hi’s, Air Jordan 1s or even a simple pair of Chuck Taylors — to tie it all together.


Cap + Statement Windbreaker + Sports Shorts

Any guy worth his Supreme stock knows that headgear is a big part of streetwear. From beanies to buckets, few looks can’t be improved with the inclusion of a hat of some description. Try accessorising either a five-panel or curved-peak baseball cap with a vibrant, block-colour windbreaker. It will keep the chill at bay on cooler evenings or can be tied around the waist or body. Sports shorts, often cut from a glossy material such as nylon, will add another dimension of texture and pull the look together while making sure those pins get the sun they deserve.


Coach Jacket + Relaxed-Leg Chinos + Vans

Light, breezy and ideal for summer evenings, this simple ‘fit is a guaranteed winner when it comes to looking fire without bursting into flames. With the rise of maximalism only gathering pace, relaxed-leg trousers are still very much on trend. Plus, that extra room is handy for getting a nice bit of airflow circulating in the warm weather. Owing to its collared design, a coach jacket can be used to smarten everything up, or tied across your torso like a cross-body bag when not in use. This way you’ll be able to keep the layer as part of the outfit without overheating.

Wax LondonWax London

Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt + Raw Denim + Converse

The streetwear world has always been about making a statement, and wearing an eye-catching, summer-ready shirt is the perfect way to do it during the warmer months. Bold colours are what you should be going for here, while keeping the rest of the outfit simple. And there’s bonus points to be had if opting for a Cuban collar design. Of course, that’s not particularly ‘street’ so balance this out with some slim-fitting, raw denim cuffed or pin-rolled at the hem in order to show off a pair of high-top Converse below.


Bucket Hat + T-Shirt + Shorts

Festival style is notoriously tricky to nail, but with this tried and tested combination, looking fresh and staying cool in the crowds becomes a cakewalk. Bucket hats aren’t going anywhere, and while they may not be to everyone’s taste, they are good for keeping sunburnt scalps at bay. If a plain T-shirt is a bit, well, plain, the logo T-shirt is another reliable streetwear favourite and has the added benefit of being a current high-fashion heavy hitter, making it a great, on-trend focal point for your look.


Retro Tracksuit + Printed Shirt

For those prepared to get a little more adventurous with their forays into streetwear, rocking a seventies throwback tracksuit is a stylish and fuss-free option. Tracksuits by their very nature are easy to wear, making getting ready in the morning and staying comfortable on hot days that little bit more pain-free. A plain white T-shirt layered underneath the jacket is always going to be a strong look. However, if you want to dress it up a bit then try throwing a printed short-sleeve shirt into the mix instead.


Dad Cap + Striped T-Shirt + Dark Trousers

The mere thought of laying in the park in a black hoodie should be enough to send you into thermal shock. Fortunately, there’s always the humble T-shirt to fall back on. Use a striped example as the canvas on which to paint the rest of your look, adding some dark cotton trousers with a slightly cropped leg to give those ankles a bit of sunshine and equal airtime to a pair of sneakers. Once you’ve got that nailed, quite literally top things off with an unstructured dad cap, it’s the ultimate way to channel DILF (dads in latest fashions) vibes.


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