Us boys are a competitive lot. Whether it’s risking an aneurysm to beat your gym bro’s bench press or shelling out on trending pieces to get one up on the Pitti Peacocks, being the best version of yourself can often feel like a task of herculean proportions, and one that requires all the help a lad can get.

We know this, and that’s why over the years we’ve penned guides covering an alarmingly vast range of topics that do just that: from the best dumbbell exercises to fill your T-shirt sleeves, which helpfully you can do while learning to cook the perfect steak, to buying the perfect suit at the same time as rethinking your relationship with social media.

And while all this helps (really, it does) the world of science believes that getting ahead can sometimes be as simple as taking your fragrance game to the next level by utilising certain smells.

Most functioning adults know that a bad smell will do more harm than good, but the guys in white coats have also discovered that particular notes, deployed strategically on specific areas of the body, can alter the way you’re perceived for the better and provide performance boosts where least expected.

Of course, remembering what to spray and where every morning is a task most guys can all do without, so we’ve compiled all the research into an easy-to-digest infographic (see we can be nerdy, too) that will help you nail this newly established scent strategy.