Denim: for more than 140 years it’s been the trusty blue glue that binds together all areas of a man’s wardrobe. Originally developed as utility wear, its versatility makes it somewhat of a sartorial Swiss army knife when it comes to getting dressed. So it should go without saying that every man needs a selection of the stuff in his rotation.

Cementing its name as a premier high-street denim destination, Topman has curated every essential style you need to get through the spring/summer months.

The collection includes six staple fits – a mixture of up-to-the-minute, trend-led cuts and classic, timeless styles – each going through 35 individual stitching processes to guarantee the highest quality finish.

As well as fitting your legs, the range also fits your wallet, too, with prices starting from as little as £30 to ensure you can stride into the new season looking great and without being out of pocket. It’s hardly a wonder, then, that the retailer sells a pair every 18 seconds as a result. Grab yours before they’re gone.

The Original

Much like other pieces in the menswear hall of fame, denim’s greatest asset has always been its versatility. It’s for this reason (and plenty more) that it didn’t take long for the rugged material to spill over from the wardrobes of cowboys and railroad workers into the mainstream.

Taking jeans back to their roots, Topman’s Original fit is styled on the OG denim design, but at a fraction of the cost of buying vintage. A straight hip and leg provide the ideal foundations for building a solid workwear look, which can be capped off with an overshirt and sturdy boots.

Buy Now: From £40.00

The Super Spray On

Defying the trend for wider fits in true rockstar style, Topman’s Super Spray On denim is sticking around for the SS18 season. Fortunately, the use of a power stretch fabric means you won’t be hitting the high notes for the wrong reasons.

As for what to wear them with, take your cue from the music world’s best-dressed frontmen and team with a black leather jacket, tonal Chelsea boots and a classic white T-shirt for chart-topping results.

Buy Now: From £40.00

The Taper

Finding a pair of jeans that fit just right is an art at the best of times. But for guys familiar with the squat rack, it can be arduous enough to make saying “sod it” and forgoing trousers altogether seem like a good idea.

Rather than risking any embarrassing run-ins with the law, turn to Topman’s Taper fit instead. Perfectly proportioned for bigger guys, they feature a wider upper leg that slims down into a narrow ankle, giving a cut that will work perfectly with your favourite sneakers and meaty quads.

Buy Now: From £85.00

The Stretch Slim

To do its job correctly, everyday denim needs to check off a lot of boxes. It should be simple, but not boring. Fitted, but not too tight. Interesting, but not make a statement. And above all, it should go with absolutely everything.

With all of that in mind, take a look at Topman’s hero Stretch Slim style, which comes in no fewer than 17 iterations and is priced from just £30 – tick, tick, and tick.

Buy Now: From £30.00

The Stretch Skinny

Far from just something you throw on at the weekend, the right jeans can enhance all the best bits about your physique in the exact same way as tailored trousers.

Proving that skinny denim doesn’t have to be I-can’t-feel-my-legs tight, each pair of Topman’s Stretch Skinny jeans is packed with elastane, meaning you can achieve a fitted silhouette, without any pain to your nether regions.

Buy Now: From £30.00

The Spray On

Ultra-skinny jeans that look like you were poured into them can be one of the hardest styles to pull off (both figuratively and literally). However, Topman’s line-up of 38 variations manages to make the whole process effortless.

The brand’s Spray On fit is still tight enough to make Mick Jagger proud, but leaves enough breathing room that they won’t throw your proportions completely off balance if worn with a slouchy hoodie at the weekend.

Buy Now: From £30.00

Shop the full denim range now in store and online at Priced from £30.00.