The Workout Plans For Men That Will Get You Fit In 2021

Whatever your reason for getting fit (or fitter), it’s worth it. Maybe you do it for the buzz, maybe the health benefits. A slimmer waistline probably wouldn’t hurt, either. In any case, the first step is usually the hardest (unless, of course, you’re doing burpees).

We can’t help you with the motivation but we can with the workout plans. Below you’ll find a training directory to get you started, whatever your goal. The workouts are split by goal and by body part, and every one comes from a world-class personal trainer. Find the one that fits your athletic ambitions, and don’t forget to stretch.

Workout Plans By Goal

Burn Fat

Let’s be honest, losing fat is one of the strongest motivators nudging us to the squat rack, but it’s not all about aesthetics. Getting slimmer can improve your energy levels and your sleep, as well as how you feel in front of a mirror. If you want get rid of man boobs, a beer belly or any other unwanted blubber, here’s how.

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Build Strength

Of all the reasons to set foot in a gym or pick up a dumbbell, increasing strength is undoubtably the most beneficial. From lifting heavy to accessory muscle work, these are all the steps you’ll need to go through to build strength.

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Get A Six-Pack

It’s the single most visible marker that you’re a man who works out: when your body fat is low enough to see the abs underneath and the muscles themselves look like they could handle a deadlift or eight. Whether you’re interested for the core strength or a shot at an underwear campaign, this plan gives you everything you need, from the moves to the diet plan.

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Increase Your Stamina

Whether you’re training for a marathon or looking to improve your overall fitness, now’s the time to up the pace. With the help of two of the best trainers in the game, this is your ultimate guide to increasing stamina and endurance without injury. Get ready to set a new personal best.

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Gain Weight

Unlike losing it, gaining weight is easy. But how do you do it in a healthy way that adds muscle and without the extra fat? With some smart planning, a few lifestyle changes and a solid workout plan to hand, there are steps you can take to fastback your gains.

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Lose Weight

When it comes to torching calories, it’s important to know which exercises give you the most bang for your buck, and which are damp squibs. These are the certified fire-starters – the best exercises to help you lose weight. Grab some Savlon, because these will burn.

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Stay Fit Without A Gym Membership

Getting to the gym in the cold weather or after a heavy night can be gruesome. Fortunately, whether you want to save on extortionate membership fees or just have a day off, there is a workout plan that get results in the comfort of your living room. Do try this at home.

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Workout Plans That Target Specific Body Parts

Shoulder Exercises

A man with broad shoulders can do more than wear the hell out of a suit. Your shoulder muscles are worth prioritising because they’re prone to injury, but also used in all manner of lifting exercises. Build strength here and you’ll find your posture is better, arm exercises are easier and, yes, you’ll bag a V-shaped torso in the process.

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Bicep Workouts

Whatever its primitive, possibly evolutionary origin, the belief exists that big biceps matter. So if you want bigger, stronger arms, incorporate more pulling exercises into your workout routine. Here are five of them that will have you selling tickets to the gun show in no time.

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Tricep Workouts

Tricep workouts are one of the most overlooked parts of training your arms in the gym. If you want bigger guns, show them some love with this workout plan that promises hefty results – from heavier lifts to a whole new shirt wardrobe. Just don’t plan to wash your hair after.

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Back Exercises

If you want a beach-ready physique, you need to put your back into it. Quite literally. Stop spending all that time on your chest and start doing these back exercises which not only help fill out your T-shirt sleeves but also protect you from injury and fix your posture.

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Leg Workouts

Two days of not being able to walk might not be your idea of fun, but trust us, there are huge benefits to be gained from giving your legs a boost. This is the ultimate workout plan for strength, power and weight loss in your lower half.

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Glute Workouts

The glutes are your biggest muscles, so why are you just sitting on them? To help you train your body’s best secret weapon, we asked some experts in the business to compile a workout plan so you have everything you need to build the butt.

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Upper Body Workout

For gym newbies, working out your upper body is probably the easiest way to show off your gains in the least amount of time. To get you started on the journey to gainsville, these are the single best upper body exercises that train shoulders, back and chest all in one easy (or not so easy) gym session.

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Chest Exercises

After pecs that look like they’ve been carved out of marble from the Parthenon? We got you. These are the chest exercises that ensure you fill out a suit while also improving your back strength, making you better at sport and more.

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