We’ve been belted by the sun for weeks on end (but hey, who’s complaining?), craving near Arctic conditions via the air con within the confines of our offices and sizzling under some serious UV rays at any other opportunity. Now, as quick as it appeared, summer seems to be gradually skulking back into hiding and we’re once again tackling temperamental showers and clammy, sweaty days under a sheath of grey clouds.

Of course, it isn’t news to anybody that these extreme and ever changing weather conditions take a serious toll on our skin, and there’s a baffling selection of brands, creams, serums – you name it – on the market vying for our attention and claiming to be the next best thing.

However, a brand new men’s skincare range, Mazorin, has identified a gap in the market. Launched by two thirty-something professionals living and working in London and dealing with long hours, tiring commutes, work pressures and constant flitting from meeting-to-meeting, Giangiacomo Postir and Marco Baruzzi were desperately seeking a skincare brand that could cope with their gruelling lifestyles. Deciding that nothing quite lived up to the task, they decided to launch one themselves, dedicated to other urban professionals.

The pair have strove to deliver the highest quality products, studying the lifestyle of professional, urban men and working alongside dermatologists and recognised industry experts to discover the most effective ingredients, formulations and packaging to cater to the needs of their customer.

The final range has been kept simple, refusing to bombard a hectic lifestyle with too much choice, and so consists of four key products: including the charmingly named ‘Pre-meeting Face Vamp’ and the ‘Working Late Eye Serum’. Each product within the range contains active ingredients and is free from mineral oils, synthetic colours and parabens (chemicals widely found in cosmetics and often associated with skin irritation). Similarly, the fragrances have all been selected under medical advice.

If you’re wondering about the name, it translates in a form of Italian as ‘mallard’. Why? Because, by nature, the duck never rests, isn’t adverse to long migration, co-exists with nature and urban environments and, according to the brand, is very dandy looking with its little green head. Namely, a workaholic, well-groomed and urbanised traveller. We like!

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