10 Instagram Accounts Every Man Should Follow

Statistics published in May 2014 revealed that Instagram has over 200 million active monthly users, with 7.2 million religiously checking their news feed each day. And according to a report published by think-tank L2 Intelligence, the picture-sharing platform gets 1.2 billion likes per day. With these seriously impressive figures in mind, it’s not hard to see why Instagram has become an addiction for fashion-conscious individuals.

Offering access to a huge number of celebrities, brands, influential bloggers and stylish strangers, it’s easy to spend hours clicking from page to page hunting for a new go-to look or exploring how others are wearing the latest trends. But when faced with tight deadlines and never-ending social arrangements, a lazy browsing session becomes almost impossible.

Yet never fear, today we bring you the top ten Instagram accounts every man should follow (excluding our own: @fashionbeanscom, of course), so you’ll always look sharp – even if you’re short of time…

Fabio Attanasio

Fabio Attanasio is an impeccably smart fashion blogger and freelance journalist with a passion for tailoring. The young Italian – who runs his own site thebespokedudes.com and writes for a luxury lifestyle magazine in Milan – updates his Instagram account on a regular basis.

By posting daily shots of his outfits, Fabio is able to express his own sophisticated personal style, which he describes as “a continuously evolving classic”. The Bocconi University law graduate likes to provide followers with a detailed description of what he’s wearing – important information for those who wish to achieve a similar look or are keen to discover new brands.

As well as letting strangers have a snoop inside his enviably well-stocked wardrobe, Fabio leads users away from the hustle and bustle of the high street to tiny stores tucked away down picturesque Milanese streets.

Once he’s navigated his way to the back of the shop, he’ll spend time chatting to tailors about the work that goes into creating his immaculate made-to-measure threads. After checking the progress on his latest pinstripe two-piece, of course.

Fabio’s desire to give Italian craftsmanship global recognition means that he’s very well connected. He’s a regular on the guest list at fashion parties and can be spotted networking among equally well-dressed men between shows at Florence’s annual Pitti menswear convention.

Username: @fabioattanasio

Fabio Attanasio Instagram Photos

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a man who requires no introduction.

A multi-talented producer, artist and fashion designer, Pharrell’s ability to make even the most outrageous pieces work has helped him achieve almost god-like status within the menswear community. After all, is there anyone else who can pull off Swarovski encrusted Stan Smith trainers, cropped tuxedo pants and quilted yellow vests? Not that we can think of.

Giving Pharrell a follow on Instagram will help ensure that your style never becomes stale. Even if you have no plans to clash leopard print Celine slippers with a camouflage varsity jacket, the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream designer helps reinforce that fashion is something to be experimental with. If one look doesn’t work, simply try something different.

All of this aside, Pharrell’s page is worth hitting up purely to keep up to date with the A-list adventures of his headline-grabbing Vivienne Westwood hats.

Username: @pharrell

Pharrell Williams Instagram Images

Johannes Huebl

We’re not sure if it’s the filters he uses or his skill with a camera, but every single shot Johannes Huebl takes looks as though it’s been lifted straight off the pages of a glossy magazine.

Whether he’s grabbing brunch with friends at Bar Pitti in New York’s West Village or hitting the slopes in Switzerland with stunning fiancee Olivia Palermo, Johannes always nails his dapper outfit choice. This has led him to being one of the most re-grammed men on Instagram.

To date, the square-jawed German has over 365,000 Instagram admirers. But don’t expect him to return the favour by checking out your profile. Johannes only follows thirty-six accounts, most of which are his close friends: “I use it to take screenshots of stylish things that inspire me. I like to keep my feed uncluttered,” he explains.

Think Huebl has an eagle-eyed stylist taking credit for all of his ensembles? Wrong. Johannes has in the past stressed that he prefers to dress himself. Because of this, he acts as a reminder that honing one’s own style should be a journey of discovery. It should never be viewed as a set of guidelines that must be followed to the letter.

Username: @johanneshuebl

Johannes Huebl Instagram Images

Mr Porter

In February 2011, the Net-A-Porter Group really shook up the men’s fashion market by launching MrPorter.com, which the company say has “established itself as the premier global online retail destination for men’s style”.

But unlike other online fashion stores, Mr Porter doesn’t just sell luxury pieces by designers such as Acne Studios, Lanvin and Loro Piana. It endeavours to offer customers fashion advice through engaging editorial content and even publishes a weekly magazine.

With such a dominant e-tail presence, it comes as no surprise that the brand has managed to translate this success to social media. As well as 178,000 fans on Twitter, Mr Porter has built up a loyal Instagram following of almost 200,000.

Mr Porter’s profile collates all of a man’s needs on one page. Not only do they use the space to showcase the latest pair of round-framed tortoiseshell sunglasses about to drop online, they also provide followers with a lesson on the world’s finer details.

So if you’re desperate to know how to shake hands like an Italian or make the perfect cup of coffee at home, Mr Porter has it covered.

Username: @mrporterlive

Mr Porter Instagram Images

Men With Class / Men With Street Style

Although there’s no doubt that following influential bloggers, major stars and brands will help satisfy your fashion needs, there will be occasions when all you want to see on your feed is a timeless outfit.

Pulling together the best looks of anonymous – if often guessable – individuals, MenWithClass perfectly fits this brief. With most photos featuring staples like tailored jackets, classic shirts and well-cut chinos, the Sweden-based Instagram account encourages users to reinvent what’s already in their wardrobe.

As well as helping make a man’s daily outfit selection process much easier, MenWithClass also gives its followers the chance of getting Internet exposure of their own. Users simply need to accompany an upload with #MenWithClass for the chance to be featured on what they describe as the “fastest growing” men’s style page.

And good news for fans of MenWithClass, the same team have created MenWithStreetStyle: a round-up of the best outfits snapped out and about. The clothes on this page are more casual – great for anyone wanting to swap their blazer for a bomber or ditch smart bottoms for ripped jeans at the weekend.

Username: @menwithclass | @MenWithStreetstyle

Men With Class / Men With Street Style Instagram Images

Adam Gallagher

For someone who’s pretty much unknown outside of the men’s fashion sphere, Adam Gallagher is staggeringly popular on Instagram, with over 733,000 devotees.

The Californian – who posts under the guise I Am Galla – keeps followers coming back by providing them with a snapshot of his busy life as a blogger. And because of this, it’s extremely rare that a day will go by without Adam sharing a shot of himself in something suitably stylish.

In keeping with his strong emphasis on dressing to suit his mood, no two looks of Adam’s are the same. Happy to try out different trends, the writer could be rocking a straw boater with a bow tie and bright brogues one morning and a classic three-piece suit twenty-four hours later.

Due to his jam-packed schedule, which sees him jetting around the globe, Adam also provides his fans with practical information such as what essentials should be taken on a trip. He even tags where he’s staying or having a bite to eat – handy for anyone planning a jaunt abroad.

Username: @iamgalla

Adam Gallagher Instagram Images

Matthew Zorpas

There are many reasons why Matthew Zorpas, a London-based creative consultant, should be followed by any man with an Instagram account.

When he’s not lecturing at a prestigious UK institution such as Istituto Marangon or updating his own site TheGentlemanBlogger.com, Matthew strives to pass his unrivalled knowledge of menswear on to his 25,000 plus followers, including where to buy Nike Air trainers customised with seashells.

Throughout his profile and website, Matthew demonstrates his talent for transforming a plain outfit with one key piece. In the summer, he’ll make a bold statement by wearing muted trousers with a bright blazer or houndstooth and rose print Super Glamourous slip-ons, whereas in the winter he might finish a tux with a decadent silk scarf.

Even if you’re still unconvinced, we reckon the fact that Matthew once made number two on Esquire‘s best-dressed men in Britain list and reached number five on GQ Taiwan’s poll of global style icons makes him worthy of a follow alone.

Username: @matthewzorpas

Matthew Zorpas Instagram Images


Dan Trepanier is the founder of TSBmen.com, which he touts as “the world’s most popular and influential men’s style blog”.

The Canadian’s flair for fashion was first noticed by Esquire when he was interning in Saks’ buying department on Wall Street after graduating from Columbia with a psychology degree. The publication dubbed Dan as the Best Dressed Real Man In America, a label he was unsurprisingly thrilled with.

Dan – whose personal style is an eclectically cool mish-mash of trends – started the site as a hobby in 2009 and even though it’s developed into a fully-fledged business, its end goal has remained the same: to help improve the way men dress. The same rules apply for TBS’ Instagram profile.

The account serves to give a closer look at its creator’s stylish existence while still delivering easy to understand advice. By keeping posts humorous – which could be anything from a shot of his new Timberland boots to a light-hearted selfie from lunch – he manages to avoid his uploads coming across as pretentious.

Username: @tsbmen

TSBmen Instagram Images

Tommy Ton

Being one of the most renowned street style photographers in the industry, there’s no denying that Tommy Ton has an impeccable eye for fashion.

The self-trained Canadian – who can count Japanese Vogue‘s Anna Della Russo among his long list of admirers – can be found snapping guests and models with his Nikon D5000 at fashion weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan when he’s not updating his blog, the legendary jakandjil.com, or contributing to GQ.com and Style.com.

When he first started out, Tommy found that a good way to set himself apart from his competitors was mixing candid clothing and accessory close-ups in with his full-length and half-body images. He still does this today on Instagram, where attention to detail is a key theme running throughout his photographs.

We firmly believe that anyone whose work has been praised by the head honchos of leading lifestyle magazines deserves following.

Username: @tommyton

Tommy Ton Instagram Images

Street Etiquette

Street Etiquette’s Instagram account is headed up by Joshua Kissi, who runs the popular website of the same name alongside Travis Gumbs. StreetEtiquette.com was created by the duo to provide an interpretation of style from a cultural, historic and urban perspective.

An emphasis on the importance of tailoring, quality fabrics and smart accessorising is prevalent in the articles Joshua and Travis publish. As a result, the high school friends have managed to define a new kind of cool for the modern male.

But aside from just writing about what’s on trend each season, the bloggers aren’t afraid to think outside the box. So, in addition to covering the looks paraded on typical fashion week runways, the Bronx-born pair are just as likely to tell their readers about the vintage African tribal print shirt they picked up in a New York thrift shop.

Street Etiquette’s Instagram continues this vibe and will help coax a more adventurous side out of anyone. There’s a chance that even the most stubborn individual might start viewing a stack of bracelets or cluster of rings the ideal accompaniment to a tweed suit and tie.

Username: @streetetiquette

Street Etiquette Instagram Images

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