The best things in life get better with age: wine, cast iron pans, Messrs Clooney or Beckham (take your pick). It’s a rule that’s equally true of the enduring icons of the male wardrobe.

In a world of disposable fashion and fleeting fads, it’s comforting to know that some staples are in it for the long haul.

From the buttery wrinkle of fine calf leather to the body-hugging warp of raw denim, here are the items that will go on getting better and better as you do. Say hello to your newest old friends.

Leather Jacket

Like a human’s, cow skin warps and wears to tell the story of that which inhabits it. Good leather jackets crinkle and mould along the joints and around the seams, becoming suppler and better fitting as it breaks in.

Even better is the subtle patina and colour distortion that appears along the collar, at the elbows and around the pockets. A serious piece of hide will last you your entire adult life – and because it’ll look good in such a wide variety of situations, it’ll collect just as many stories as you do.

Men's Leather Jackets


Flannel Check Shirts

Trace the check shirt’s family tree and you trace a line through cowboys, dead presidents and every off-duty movie star worth his salt. One reason for the flannel shirt’s enduring appeal is how much it matures as we do: from a bright, slightly coarse cut of fabric to a gently faded, even haggard layer.

Flannel, with its soft, dense fibres, is particularly good at conforming to your body, while its lightly absorbent nature means the dye very gradually bleeds from it, allowing it to mellow with age.

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Men's Flannel Check Shirts

GITMAN VINTAGE Button-Down Collar Checked Cotton-Flannel ShirtNN07 New Derek Button-Down Collar Checked Cotton-Flannel ShirtPATAGONIA FJORD FLANNEL SHIRT Blue Ox & Navy CheckFlannel Check Shirt

Raw Denim Jeans

Raw denim refers to a fabric that is unwashed at the manufacturing stage, meaning the dye clings to the cotton fibres in a deep indigo hue. This has two advantages for the jean connoisseur: it means that the cotton is more pliable and will mould better to your legs, and also that the dye will take on unique and natural characteristics.

This charm is best observed in the ‘whiskers’ that form over the period of several years: warm fade lines and natural blemishes around the thighs and behind the knees that are unique to every wearer.

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Men's Raw Denim Jeans

A.P.C. New Standard Regular-Fit Dry Selvedge Denim JeansACNE STUDIOS MAX STRETCH RAW JEAN IndigoMEN Stretch Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans NavyLEVI'S MADE & CRAFTED Tack Slim-Fit Dry Selvedge Denim Jeans

A Bronze Watch

Most watches just go round and round in circles, but a bronze watch changes day-by-day. The real joy of owning a timepiece in this delicately reactive metal is the progress it makes across a lifetime: from a golden sheen to a heavy russet and finally a darkened, gunmetal brown.

The patina of the metal grows in depth, too, lending the bronze a highly distinctive look compared to its shinier, showier counterparts. More intriguing still is the natural variance in patina shades. Because the rugged metal’s colour is affected by atmospheric pressures, altitude and humidity, the places you go and the life you lead will be reflected in its darkening tones.

Men's Bronze Watches

Tudor Black Bay BronzeZenith Heritage Pilot Men's Bronze Strap WatchSteinhart Nav B-Uhr 44Squale Professional Master Bronze

Canvas Sneakers

Nowadays, everyone seems to have bought into the great lie that our sneakers need to look box-fresh every single day. While this might be valid for some high-end examples, pristine white uppers can feel a little clinical and calculated.

Much more charming is a battered and bruised pair of Converse Chuck Taylors or a lightly frayed pair of low-top Vans. With cotton-based shoes, the dye fades to give an understated, warmer feel, while the gradual melding of the rubber and canvas will hug your feet like especially friendly memory foam.

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Men's Canvas Sneakers

CONVERSE 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top SneakersCONVERSE 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top SneakersVANS Old Skool Canvas And Suede SneakersCONVERSE Jack Purcell Signature Canvas Sneakers

Leather Wallet

A good leather wallet softens with age, conforming to both its contents (which we’re sure will balloon over time), and its owner’s body shape (which we hope doesn’t).

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Men's Leather Wallets

MULBERRY Full-Grain Leather Billfold WalletBOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato Leather Billfold WalletPolo Ralph Lauren Pebble Leather Wallet, BrownHUGO BOSS Asolo leather wallet

Trucker Jacket

The timeless layering option doesn’t just tide you over from season to season – it actually gets better and better with every wear. Like its leather counterpart, the hardy denim jacket takes on characteristics that are unique to its owner, based on wash patterns, body shape, and what you chose to do while you wear it.

What’s more, the discolouration and blemishes that the trucker jacket develops only add to its appeal, ensuring that the garment stays true to its rugged, workman roots.

Denim Trucker Jackets

MEN Denim JacketLevi's The Trucker Denim Jacket, Blue RinseORSLOW 1960S DENIM JACKET UsedJEAN SHOP Wayne Raw Selvedge Denim Jacket

Well-Made Leather Shoes

Another cowhide item that grows greater as you do. Once broken in, a decent pair of leather shoes will mould to the contours of your feet, growing more comfortable with each wear.

On the outside, meanwhile, the grain begins to express itself more fully, gaining a pleasing depth over the years.

Men's Leather Shoes

LEEDS 2 ALLEN EDMONDS CORDOVAN LEATHER SHOES BLACKBROWN DOUBLE MONK STRAPGRENSON Archie Triple-Welt Pebble-Grain Leather Wingtip BroguesCHURCH'S Dubai Polished-Leather Oxford Shoes

Velvet Dinner Jacket

The rakish black tie fixture lends a timeless sophistication to a formal look. That’s partly thanks to the sheer decadence of velvet, but it’s also due to the way that the material develops over time.

Because the fibres in velvet stand up in a tufted pile, each wear gently crushes and moulds the rich fabric, giving the blazer a deep and distinctive appearance as well as a softer handfeel.

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Men's Velvet Dinner Jackets

TIGER OF SWEDEN Hubert black velvet blazerBLACK PLAIN TUXEDOJohn Lewis Velvet Peak Lapel Tailored Blazer, Midnight BlueFAVOURBROOK Blue Faille-Trimmed Cotton-Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Baseball Caps

Like so many others in this list, baseball caps have the ability to become a second skin given enough time and patience. If you want a cap that conforms to your cranium, you might have to wait a few years, but the results are worth tipping the brim to.

Both wool and cotton versions shrink with heat and moisture to take shape over time, while seams pucker slightly and the brim achieves its own unique curve that frames your face perfectly.

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Men's Baseball Caps/Snapbacks

Black Fleece Curved Peak CapBARBOUR WAX SPORTS CAP SandstoneCARHARTT WIP Backley Cap Dark NavyAMI CANVAS CAP Beige

Goodyear-Welted Boots

Boots are made to be put through their paces: a pair of pristine kickers is a sign of a life as yet unlived.

Goodyear-welted examples last much longer because the process involves a tighter bond between the upper and the sole. They also use a lockstitch technique, which ensures even if one part of the welt becomes loose, the rest of the chain remains intact. All this adds up to the boots being easier to re-sole, again and again, when they do finally wear thin.

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Men's Goodyear-Welted Boots

RED WING SHOES 875 Moc Leather BootsGRENSON FRED BROGUE BOOT BlackJ.M. WESTON Goodyear®-Welted Leather Chelsea BootsTRICKER'S BURFORD DERBY BOOT Marron Antique

Leather Holdall

Like a leather jacket, a decent leather holdall matures and mellows over time.

Take it around the world and it’ll pick up a souvenir at every stop: the soft fade from a sun-bleached landing strip; the supple wrinkles from a dusty desert road; the dark patina from an ice-blown helipad.

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Leather Holdalls

MULBERRY Clipper Leather HoldallDELLER GRAINED LEATHER HOLDALL BLACKASOS Leather Holdall In BrownJohn Lewis Made in Italy Leather Holdall, Brown