“Is there a right and a wrong way to shave your balls? Is there any way to avoid cutting myself ‘down there’?”

Sam via email.

Danglies, berries, Harry and Sally – whatever you call your testicles, the last thing any set of sensitive love spuds needs is someone (but preferably you) taking a sharp razor to them willy nilly.

Indeed, there is a right and a very wrong way to tidy up below the belt, so Sam’s concern of a nicked nutsack is very valid, and one shared by thousands of men in this dawning of a new grooming age.

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The key to achieving a perfectly smooth set is as much in the preparation as anything else. Before you jump in and get too, umm, cocky with the razor, splash them with cold water to force the surrounding skin to shrink and become taut and less vulnerable to cuts.

If you’ve a steady hand, you can make the whole process easier by trimming hairs back with a pair of scissors. For the love of your low hanging fruit, don’t attempt to use any kind of electronic gadget. It’s just asking for trouble.

When shaving, use a transparent shave gel as opposed to a foam so you can see where you’re going. Use plenty of slow, careful strokes (not that kind) to achieve the desired finish (again, no), taking care to regularly rinse hair from the razor. And, for god’s sake, make sure you’re sober – maybe we should have started with that.

Immediately afterwards, and for the days following, apply an aftershave balm on them to minimise the risk of razor burn and ingrown hairs. Your balls are more sensitive than your bonce so unscented, alcohol-free products and those marked for sensitive skin are the best only option here.

You can stop rubbing them now. Stop. Stop.

Enjoy your new, smooth balls.

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