So now that we have covered the reasons why you should at least be thinking about buying a tuxedo – and how to make sure you’ve got the right fit and style – we should now cover the disadvantages of the item. I’m talking about the fact that the times you will be out wearing your tux will probably be very minimal.

When you are wearing it, it will feel amazing; a really stylish, rakish, awesome piece of battle armour. But the moment the party is over and you put it away at the very back of your wardrobe, then what? Sure you’ve got the three day hump of withdrawal symptoms and the times when you wear it around the house or when no one’s looking in the middle of the night, but realistically when will you next get some use out of such an expensive item of clothing?

Luckily, that’s where this article comes in. Because a tux isn’t just for Christmas you know? Who says you can’t wear it more often? Is there really something wrong with being the best dressed person in the room? I personally love the idea that people will be thinking I’m dressed as if I have somewhere more important to go next, even if it is three in the morning.

So, first things first, start wearing the jacket more often! The trousers of a tuxedo aren’t that unique to wear separate (unless they really are super-comfortable) but due to the lapels and contrasting material, the jacket can be a real key statement piece. The trick is to viewing it as just a blazer with a bit more detailing than normal.

Use the tux jacket with a white shirt/black tie combination and throw on a v-neck jumper with some pattern or detailing over the top. Use dark jeans or grey suit trousers on your bottom half to give your outfit some Italian flare. Then again, it could be Claudia Schiffer that makes me like the photo so much?

Ways To Wear

But here are the two main ways to dress down a tuxedo with true style that are, as always, completely fool-proof:

  • Not a look that you should be wearing to your sister/brother-in-laws wedding, but for those friends of yours who are having the reception in their back garden, pair your tux (jacket and trousers) with a v-neck t-shirt and some classic trainers. Make sure to keep the tee in a neutral palate and the trainers (yup, you guessed it) should preferably be Adidas Stan Smith’s, Samba’s, or any lace versions of Lacoste if you want to go old school. Try to keep your accessories muted as well, so a simple silver watch will do nicely.
  • Go for some contrast! Keep everything up top nice and traditional and then get more casual as you go down. Get yourself a well fitted white shirt – doesn’t need to be a tux shirt – and wear it with your tux jacket and matching tie. Then grab a pair of black jeans that you’ve been saving for the autumn and wear those with some shoes with a little flare, in my mind it’s a pair of black hi-tops I got from H&M that are extra shiny! Make sure your belt matches the shoes and that you’ve tied that tie yourself and you really are good to go for any occasion. Well, except maybe the pub.

So there you have it, a few ideas to get you started on the ways you can get a little bit more wear out of your tuxedo if you have decided that you fancy owning one. If you have any other ideas yourself or have some tips or styles that you use for your tux, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below, we are all one big collaboration after all.