Fred Perry Black Perforated Barrel Bag

Over the past six months the gym has evolved from being part of my weekly routine to an integral part of my life. I’m eating well and around five times a day, consuming the ever-controversial protein shakes and generally enjoying the challenge of improving my fitness.

However, I’ve got to stop using this God-forsaken freebie string bag that I found at the bottom of my wardrobe. A bag with no shape and gaping holes is no way to transport my precious battle gear. So, as ever, I’ve been on the lookout for a suitable replacement and I think I’ve come across an excellent option: Fred Perry’s perforated barrel bag.

About half a meter long and a quarter in diameter, the bag is the perfect size to house my trainers, top and shorts and still have plenty of room to spare for a water bottle and some deodorant. In fact, it could quite easily be used on a weekend away with the room it provides.

Being honest, I was after something made of leather rather than PVC but it looks so good (and will prove just as durable) that I’m willing to overlook that detail. The simplicity of the design is what is most appealing about the bag. The spacious zip-pocket at one end, the embossed laurel wreath-logo at the other and a pair of small handles at the top help to maintain a intelligent balance with the cylindrical shape.

Now, less jib-jabbering and more pumping iron.

It can be yours for £65 over at Urban Outfitters.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

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Fred Perry Black Perforated Barrel Bag