H&M To Start New ‘Trade-in’ Service In Stores

In a ‘go greener’ initiative across 48 countries, high street fashion giant H&M will be giving customers the opportunity to bring in their unwanted clothes in exchange for a voucher to spend in store. The team at H&M will then proceed to work their magic on your old and unwanted pieces of clothing and turn them into something different and ready for resale.

With interest in vintage clothing seeming as though it is in no state to wane, this campaign looks set to be a widely accepted and very popular move by H&M. Previously, stores like Urban Outfitters and Rokit have made a huge success out of remaking and remodelling vintage pieces and turning them into something more wearable to sell in store and, more recently, ASOS Marketplace stoked the vintage clothing fire.

The new, innovative addition to the ASOS website allows smaller vintage dealers to set up their own ‘label’, recreating vintage finds ready for resale, further opening up the market for genuine second hand goods.

The added incentive of a voucher to spend on clothing in store will also help garner support from shoppers who would usually give their old clothes to charity or sell them on sites like eBay, as they will now be able to translate their unwanted goods into store credit to be spent on any new H&M item.

H&M chief executive Karl-Johan Persson said: “We want to do good for the environment, which is why we are now offering our customers a convenient solution: to be able to leave their worn out or defective garments with H&M.”

In an industry which is criticised by some for its insensitivity to environmental issues, this step by such a well known fashion brand should do wonders for the overall image of the fashion industry, making it less of a disposable ideal and more of a proactive choice.

H&M To Start New ‘Trade-in’ Service In Stores

H&M to start new trade-in service in stores