London Collections: MEN – Lee Roach AW13

Displaying the ultimate in London chic and cool, Lee Roach presented his AW13 collection at London Collections: MEN on Monday. Working within a classic black palette, Roach produced a slick series of looks that remain accessible for any fashion conscious man.

With a distinct formality present throughout, Roach focused on reworked detailing and fastening methods as a way of modernising the classic shapes and cuts adopted within this collection. One such method that is both simple and visually eye catching is the use of a buckle and strap to fasten jackets and tops. Although unconventional, this proves clean and appealing for those seeking originality.

An introduction of white and glossy finishes lifts the otherwise heavy emphasis on black and acts as a form of separation. Shape and lines play a vital part in the visual effect, with sharpness remaining a key component in the look.

As we all know, black remains timeless from season to season, however, it is vital we wear it correctly. With added detailing, waxy and matte finishes and the use of accessories, the look can remain fresh and unique to you. Roach has adopted this use of mixed finishes and reworked detailing to provide an effortless look that can be worn by all.

London Collections: MEN – Lee Roach AW13

London Collections: MEN - Lee Roach AW13