MCM Collaborate With Craig & Karl

Collaborations between fashion brands and artists can be some of the most coveted by both fashion and art enthusiasts.

Known for their signature monogrammed accessories, German based brand MCM is joining forces with the pop art partners Karl & Craig for a limited edition summer collection.

The collection, deemed the ‘Eyes of the Horizon’, takes MCM’s classic shapes and updates them with a whimsical splash of personality. The styles range from backpacks, portfolios, briefcases, and small leather goods.

The duo’s artwork for the pieces is focused around a pair of eyes peeking out of a pair of less than functional glasses. Mixed in with the spectacles are images that invoke the essence of warm weather such as water and palm trees.

MCM named the capsule collection after the very interesting relationship that is shared between the two artists. The design duo is based on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but still manage to work together seamlessly on a daily basis.

Craig lives in New York whilst Karl is located in London, so the horizon is constantly between the two. With this, the name of the collaboration has more than one meaning. They used their expertise in illustrations to transform the iconic MCM brand into something bursting at the seams with quirkiness and pizazz.

This collection is only the first in a series of collaborations that MCM plans on rolling out with some of the world’s most renowned artists within the next year.

The ‘Eyes on the Horizon’ collection is available for purchase now in MCM flagship boutiques and selected retailers worldwide.

MCM Collaborate With Craig & Karl

MCM 'Eyes On The Horizon' Collection