Luxury online retailer MR PORTER has released a one-off film featuring the British childhood favourite Mr Benn.

The two misters have collaborated for a special Christmas episode, which runs at just under four minutes. The short film brings back together all of the original Mr Benn team, using artwork which dates back 40 years.

The Mr Benn character was created by writer and illustrator David McKee and began life as a book in 1967. More books followed and a subsequent BBC television series began in the 1970s. Both kept a generation of kids and adults entertained and the series was even voted the sixth most popular children’s TV show in a Channel 4 poll.

Between the two, the project highlights an all too common dilemma at this time of year: what to wear to Christmas parties.

Mr Benn visits a fancy dress shop for fashion advice but the shopkeeper is unhelpful. Instead he recommends him the MR PORTER app to get the perfect party outfit. The recently re-launched app contains up to date style advice including party wear ideas, with tips on size and fit. Users can shop over 170 brands and order straight from the phone with same day delivery available in selected cities.

On why Mr Benn was chosen, the retailer said:
“Mr Benn represents many of the qualities we admire at Mr Porter: he has a smart signature style, immense charm, good manners and an extraordinary sense of adventure.”

The film is an innovative way of showcasing the benefits of the mobile app. It is available to download for free on iPhone and android platforms through their respective stores now. The video can be viewed below or on

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Mr Benn x MR PORTER Christmas Film

MR BENN X MR PORTER Christmas Film