Mr. Porter’s Style Clinic

In an addition to their extremely popular ‘Journal’, Mr. Porter has now been given voice – with the giant of men’s style answering our quibbles and questions on all things sartorial.

Each week a single question is given consideration, with three varied answers given. Alongside some sound advice, the ‘Style Clinic’ offers engaging shots of clothing, providing reality and proportion to the outfits – an impression often hard to obtain online. Seeing outfits constructed on actual men is surprisingly useful, especially if you find your sartorial imagination stifled.

Furthermore, whilst Mr.Porter’s videos can sometimes seem more style then substance (see: ‘The Knack‘), the ‘Style Clinic’ – despite having only aired one episode – offers an incredibly focused and well considered opinion. It shows worthwhile variety in its answers and explanations of how and why you should wear the advised outfits.

The ‘Style Clinic’ is not only useful but also engaging, as this reporter found himself watching the same video multiple times with great enjoyment, despite having little need of the advice on dressing for a job that moves between town and country.

The plummy voice of Mr Michael Griffiths screams 1960s style guru, with a hint of maturity that provides an assuring sense of authority. There is a final flourish as fashion and technology combine when you pause the video: by clicking on any item of clothing in view you can purchase it from a sidebar of the website without ever having to leave the ‘clinic’.

Indulge in useful advice and gorgeous clothing, even if it doesn’t apply to you.

For more information head over to the Mr Porter website.

Mr. Porter Style Clinic Episode 1

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