Nines Vintage

If Prince ever plans to open a charity shop he may wish to stay a few blocks from these guys – or the competition could get heated. Selling vintage designer goods from the sixties to the nineties; Nines Vintage stocks the lot.

The best bit about buying vintage these days is that most items from “way back when” are so unique, just about anyone can pull them off (size permitting). Much the same as in twenty-odd years or so people will be donning the ‘camo’ jackets and fitted beanies that we all know and love.

Nines are currently selling a wide range of designers such as Armani, JPG and Dior. The colours, prints, patterns and shapes being cast from each piece make for a kaleidoscope of couture:

Nines Vintage collection

Working a piece or two into your signature look will add noticeable vibrancy and excitement. Picture yourself in one of the outfits from our latest morning commute guide and throw in a Versace geometric shirt or Moschino tee. Your existing daytime looks are soon amplified into ensembles that are suitable for a casual occasion and can be achieved with minor alterations to the rest of your outfit.

Stocking items from all over the world, they are all professionally cleaned and are in good ‘vintage condition’. Any imperfections are made clear to the customer before purchasing. If you have any unwanted designer pieces, these guys will also sell them on your behalf, so start digging!

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