Patrick Hellmann Opens First London Store

Patrick Hellmann has been operating in Europe for over thirty years, and now we can confirm that this illustrious brand has finally decided to cross the English Channel and set up residence in upmarket St James street of London’s Mayfair.

Patrick Hellmann boasts an impressive collection of high end suits split into three different lines: Classical, Death & Glory and Vintage. The Classical line is more akin to your day-to-day suit range, with great cuts, materials and style that aims to set itself apart from the local high street.

The Death & Glory range offers that something a little bit different. With leather trims throughout, open buttons, jackets void of unnecessary lining and a range of on trend designs, this range is not for the faint hearted.

The final line is the Vintage line, offering timeless pieces engineered to last.

For a brand intent on setting itself apart from the rest whilst going out of its way to do things differently, one might be perceived as trying too hard. However, Patrick Hellmann treads the thin line between being different to provide that highly sought after individuality, and being different to the detriment of its exquisitely tailored clothes.

Despite its maze-like website (where all navigation sense and order is thrown into the abyss), the end product in store is one of distinguished quality. With leading figures such as international politicians and public faces such as Boris Becker and Mickey Rourke suiting up in Patrick Hellmann, it gives an indication as to the market such a brand is fit for.

In addition to the clothing line – and in its relentless pursuit of individuality – Patrick Hellmann doesn’t just create clothes. Collaborations with Audi in the Russian automotive market and the production of high end furniture to cater for the most extremes of taste, Patrick Hellmann is set on becoming a true lifestyle brand; a concept that given enough room to grow will end up stamping PH not only over the contents of your wardrobe, but the wardrobe itself, its accoutrements and the car parked outside.

Patrick Hellmann Store:

Patrick Hellmann x Audi Collaboration: