Prada SS14 Review

The Prada show ticket is Milan Fashion Week’s Holly Grail. Season after season, the fashion crowd scrambles for a chance to see what is always one of the most influential collections of the event.

Indeed, Miuccia (the youngest granddaughter of eponymous founder Mario Prada) never follows existing trends. Instead, she creates and anticipates them, like no one else in the industry. Miuccia’s work frequently expresses her own struggle with fashion: its stereotypes, clichés and conventions; elements that she boldly exposes and exploits through her presentations.

This time, her message was, quite literally, splashed all over the silken shirts, satin blousons and slouchy jackets of the collection. Tropical flowers, Hawaiian palm trees and postcard sunsets shown against a striking backdrop of jungle fronds disturbed by a helicopter rotor.

Backstage, Mrs Prada said she wanted to question the idea of going on vacation. Instead of it being a fun-filled experience, she depicted it as, “dark and menacing”, pessimistic even. The look serves as a reminder that finding a carefree place in a conflict-torn globe has become almost impossible.

Male and female models were sent down the runway in pairs to enhance the gloomy feeling of solitude, pain and suffering involved in often-complicated, modern relationships. Much more than a mere fashion show, the vibe was reminiscent of a 1940s war epic about two beautiful people falling passionately in love, yet with a sad and disappointed ending.

A fascinating story, but one that failed to detract from the equally fascinating clothes.

Prada SS14 – Milan Fashion Week

Prada SS14 - Milan Fashion Week