Robin Tabari White SS13 Collection

New eponymous t-shirt brand Robin Tabari are due to release their opening SS13 collection on the 25th of March, and it looks set to provide the summer sartorialist with a fantastic range of interesting graphic tees.

Using white, slim fit tailored t-shirts the collection showcases the brand’s unique artistic designs, which have been categorised into three aesthetic groups: abstract, colour and inspiration.

Whilst all twelve designs of the all-white collection are unique and full of character, here are three stand out pieces:

Parrot T-Shirt

The ‘Parrot’ design t-shirt from the ‘abstract’ range features an interesting graphic inspired by the birds of Australia. The tee evokes a quirky feel whilst adhering to the brand’s minimalistic appeal.

Given that the t-shirt is designed for summer wear, the ornately decorated Parrots play on the hope of some seasonal British sun, which is an ideal I’m sure we all share:

Robin Tabari Parrot T-Shirt

Broke But Happy T-Shirt

The ‘Broke But Happy’ tee is another engaging design from the ‘inspiration’ range, which utilises an organic styled photograph of a simple beach shoreline with two distant figures.

This draws on the innate youthful freedom shared by all young men whilst the large overlooking circle on the horizon (holding the emotive words ‘Broke But Happy’) acts as a sun-like shape, looking down on all of us:

Broke But Happy

Palm Tree T-Shirt

Finally, the ‘Palm Tree’ t-shirt makes great use of colour in its heart shaped cubed graphic. Also inspired by designer Robin Tabari’s travels to places such as Australia and Thailand, the design speaks for itself, eliminating the need for words – its all about Sun, Sea and whatever else you wish to finish the list of three:

Palm Tree

With this stunning selection of graphic tees unveiling Robin Tabari’s artistic skills, one can only assume that his brand is in for a promising future. Cementing his reputation further, the young designer has recently received an offer to join the Zara design team – a fashion compliment is there ever was one.

The brand have also notified FashionBeans of their intention to release a AW13 collection, which will see a move towards high end fashion with another range of t-shirts retailing at approximately £65.

You can shop the collection at