Serpent & the Swan: SS13 Collection

If next level detailing appeals to you, then the SS13 collection from Serpent & the Swan may be just what you are looking for. With its alternative design features and accessible use of print this offering nicely balances elements of high fashion with functional design.

Delivered in a earthy palette of mint and wheat hues, the collection draws inspiration from 18th century botanical plates. The use of such a print intelligently appeals to current trend followers who may be seeking an alternative take on vintage floral designs.

With strong lines present throughout, the silhouette formed is both masculine and modern. An emphasis on detailing, both bold and subtle, is apparent within each look too, with skull buttons, leather straps, drawstrings and patches surfacing most frequently. Structured jackets and the appearance of brass suggests a military influence whilst workwear references appear in the form of neutral basics and distressed denim.

Standout pieces from the collection include the skull button stripe shirt and the drawstring tee, although the highlight must be the botanica print shirt. It’s eye-catching design, vintage colouring and skull button together create a retro aesthetic with intelligent modern accents.

Subtle colours, vintage prints and modern detailing combine to create a diverse collection from Serpent & the Swan that will appeal to both statement and playful dressers.

Serpent & the Swan SS13 Collection Lookbook