Student of fashion? Go and seem some students do fashion!

We are all students of fashion, yet student fashion shows are an underrated medium for both increasing one’s sartorial awareness and having an incredible night out. Whilst the London arts and fashion schools are justifiably your first thought, there are actually other places in Britain worth considering. Despite being famed for its old-world charm, royal connection and golfing heritage, the University of St. Andrews offers two of the best student run fashion shows around.

The ‘Charity Fashion Show’, otherwise known as ‘FS2013’, is a huge event in the social calendar of the university. Designers come from far and wide as the university encourages external involvement – mmeaning it is an excellent place to check out up and coming design talent. In recent years the show has also given out a young designer’s award, sponsored by Alfa Romeo, where designers from across the country compete for a prize fund.

In contrast, ‘Dont Walk’ (yes the apostrophe is missing deliberately, as the show is inspired by the street signs of New York and campaigns for non-violence) is a more intimate show but manages to infuse itself with a real party atmosphere. Again boasting external designers – this year including the likes of Topman and Canada Goose – ‘Dont Walk’ also brings student fashion to the forefront with collections from designers currently studying at St. Andrews.

Since it began ‘Dont Walk’ has raised in excess of £100,000 for charity and both shows are run with a huge level of professionalism and skill. Conveniently St. Andrews’ fashion week mirrors roughly that of actual fashion week – so don’t be afraid of the cold, embrace student fashion outside the London bubble and experience something new and unique.

To find out more about the shows visit either or

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show – FS 2013

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2013

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2013

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2013

Images courtesy of Stuart McClay