Bluebeards Revenge

A brand that takes pride in its line of quality shaving and skincare products, The Bluebeards Revenge is rapidly expanding from shaving specifics to a complete men’s grooming range.

Recent additions include a brush-less shaving solution and a cooling moisturiser, along with a ‘concentrated’ bodywash, shampoo and conditioner, which are designed to complement their already vast collection of shaving essentials.

With most shaving foams and gels deemed less than adequate for the modern man, The Bluebeards Revenge aims to make shaving a more approachable and enjoyable task. The brand was born from the world of classic shaving, where the concepts of cushion and glide are paramount when formulating a shaving cream – and they’ve worked tirelessly to produce a product that transfers these essential qualities into their new shaving solution.

As the name suggests, this preparation does not require a brush to apply but has proven to be just as effective as traditional creams. The product contains Decelerine, a patented compound that helps to reduce the appearance of beard growth over time whilst moisturising and protecting the skin during the shave.

The cooling moisturiser carries the message ‘man up and moisturise’. Laced with exotic ingredients such as prickly pear, stinging nettle and fenugreek – none of which sound like they should be present in a face cream – each is actually highly regarded for their moisturising qualities and ability to re-invigorate the skin. It’s completely free of parabens, SLS and MIT and is to be used sparingly as a small amount goes a seriously long way.

Each of the new products are the perfect accompaniment to the brand’s catalogue of razors and innovative post-shave products. Coming in masculine packaging and priced at less than £10 a piece, they’re an essential addition to any man’s bathroom cabinet.

The Bluebeards Revenge products are available at Tesco and Holland & Barrett. For more information visit

The Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge