Todd Snyder x Champion

Up-and-coming menswear designer Todd Snyder has landed another great new project in the form of his upcoming collaboration with classic sportswear brand Champion.

This is not the American company’s first joint venture, having previously completed projects such as an exclusive menswear line for Urban Outfitters and pieces for Supreme, but it is the first time the brand has chosen to juxtapose its athletic vibe with the luxurious, sharp tailoring that has come to be identified with Todd Snyder’s eponymous label.

Their debut collection, dubbed ‘City Gym’, is inspired by vintage photos from the New York Athletic Club along with pieces from Champion’s archives. One challenge that the two brands had to overcome was figuring out how to combine Snyder’s penchant for high quality Italian and Japanese fabrics and yarns with the traditionally casual aesthetics of the Champion line.

Through the carefully crafted symbiosis of these two distinct visions, this collaboration delivers rugged yet comfortable Champion pieces, redesigned for the modern man who wants to look his best whilst working out.

“The Todd Snyder brand is a perfect complement to the Champion brand and we share [Snyder’s] excitement in creating this new product line inspired by Champion heritage. Todd’s history of working with iconic brands and adding a modern aesthetic to archived Champion apparel means consumers can rediscover the authenticity and quality of Champion.”
Ned Munroe, Chief Design Officer at Champion

The collection features thirty-five pieces, fashioned in a classic neutrals such as grey, charcoal and oatmeal in playful mottled textures alongside authentic varsity colours such as washed-out blues and greens, together with crimson red.

The pieces revealed so far in the press release on Snyder’s website are garment-dyed t-shirts (£35), thermal long-sleeves sweatshirts (£55) and sweatpants (£80), together with more luxurious offerings such as merino wool varsity knits and cardigans (£177) and waxed duffle coats (£290).

The more adventurous offerings are button-fly trousers, crafted in jersey fabric with trimmings and detailing in lightweight chino, and a full slim-fit suit and tie, constructed in sweatshirt fabric, offered at the steep price of £1,032.

The attention to detail on the pieces is incredible, ranging from the iconic triangle motif applied to the sweatshirts and the stripes on cardigan sleeves to the soft distressed logos on the vintage t-shirts. The speckled texture on the sweatpants and shorts also grabs your attention alongside the beautiful tags on the pieces, featuring a vintage-styled Champion Sportswear logo with an authentic ‘T. Snyder’ signature as validation.

The collaboration hits North America stores this month and is also available online. Select pieces are available over at Todd Snyder’s website, whilst the full collection is showcased in store.

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Todd Snyder x Champion

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