Topman Generation Magazine

With men’s fashion continuing its upward trajectory, and competition for market share becoming harsher and harsher, we have seen the rise of the commercial fashion journal. Made famous by the likes of Mr. Porter and Oki-Ni, these mini-magazines provide fashion insights, popular articles, reviews, how-tos and interviews to potential customers far and wide, often interspersed with products from the creator’s website.

Never one to be left behind by the high-end fashion market, Topman have released their own online magazine – Topman Generation.

The dedicated website features music, culture and fashion centred on the Topman brand and the various celebrities covered. However, whilst the fashion and pop-culture content is interesting enough, it can seem a little vapid and is heavily geared towards Topman products.

The reason I’ve chosen to feature the site is primarily for one specific section: The Insider. This area features inside interviews with different Topshop staff, from personal shoppers to young designers, all of whom give their views and opinions on their personal inspiration and goals.

Whilst again rather simple in its delivery, it is interesting and humanising to see those behind the scenes – of what is undoubtedly a men’s fashion superpower – be given a voice.

Topman’s Generation magazine speaks volumes about the company, insistently pushing its already prominent product base, but also offering a rare glimpse of those who work within – to the extent that they even published a ‘tattoo inspiration from Topman insiders’ feature. It is a nice way to engage consumers on a new level and also an interesting read.

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Topman Generation Magazine

Topman Generation Magazine