Jilted Royalty: Import, Export!

Jay Read, the ex-convict, recovered heroin addict owner behind UK-based Jilted Royalty, has featured in a viral film to showcase the brand’s SS14 collection.

‘Import, Export!’ follows the theme of an organised narcotics deal, which sees Read travelling from London to Los Angeles. However, rather than selling the illegal substances that plagued Read’s real life youth, the Jilted dealer hands over boxes of the latest collection.

Creating a glamorous lifestyle image, the four-minute movie features a branded private jet, a model girlfriend and a yacht party set below the Californian sun. Jilted Royalty is worn throughout by both men and women, unveiling an array of apparel ranging from sweatshirts to bikinis.

In keeping with the label’s dark and ominous motif, the SS14 line features a range of gun, knife and skull designs. The graphics are printed on a series wardrobe basic garments that follow a neutral colour palette, consisting of white, grey and black.

The ‘Import, Export!’ Film is not Read’s debut in front of a camera. The label’s owner recently travelled to Tokyo to be photographed by Paul Ward for an interview with Bread + Butter Berlin Magazine.

Jilted Royalty have kicked off the run up to the arrival of the new collection with a January sale. Discounted t-shirts, hats, hoodies and bandanas are available now at JiltedRoyalty.com

Jilted Royalty ‘Import, Export!’ Film