5 Men’s Hat Trends For Spring 2015

Spring Hat Trends

It’s cold, really cold – spring definitely hasn’t sprung. Scientist have debunked the myth that we lose up to 45 per cent of our body heat through our heads, but even so, the right hat will keep you warm and instantly transform an outfit from dull to dapper. Plus, following the men’s AW15 fashion weeks, it certainly looks like hats are going to be a huge trend moving forward. The London, Milan and Paris shows were full of them, all ready to make the leap from the catwalk to your cranium. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together five simple but on-trend hat styles that you can try out this spring.

1. The Beanie

A favourite of Hackney hipsters, and now Milanese mega brands. Last week, the humble beanie secured its high fashion status, appearing on Gucci‘s AW15 runway. If this proves anything, it’s that the beanie can be smart as well as street. To ensure it stays the right side of refined, keep the style minimal and the colour neutral – black, grey or navy blue is ideal. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel have some nice options this season, while Mr Porter is stocking luxury examples from the likes of The Elder Statesman and Richard James.

Men's Spring Hat Trends - The BeanieImage: Realm & Empire

2. The Bucket Hat

It seems you don’t have to be a rapper or a skateboarder to wear a bucket hat any more. Nor does the weather have to be hot. The bucket, which experienced a renaissance last summer, can be worn in winter too. That said, we recently labelled the bucket hat as a piece that should be banished to 2014, and would steer your towards one of the other potential hat styles on this list. However, if you do still want to try your hand at this trend, you should definitely look to pair the bucket with casual staples – a simple t-shirt, bomber jacket, jeans and trainers combination would be ideal. Stussy has long been the go-to brand for bucket hats, plus they come with added 1990s nostalgia value. Alternatively, ASOS currently has plenty of low cost versions to choose from.

Men's Spring Hat Trends - Bucket HatsImage: Bal

3. The Minimal Baseball Cap

In Milan, Gucci did beanies, but in Paris, Dior Homme did baseball caps. With tuxedos. A clear statement that caps, like beanies, should no longer be thought of as a purely casual option. Again, go for a minimal style and neutral colour that you can wear with anything – even, as Dior proved, tailoring. ASOS, Levi’s and Topman have some minimal numbers in stock, while Urban Outfitters are selling NY Yankees snapbacks (a timeless classic).

Men's Spring Hat Trends - Baseball CapsImage: Cos

4. The Wide-Brimmed Fedora

Okay, so you all know about fedoras. This member of the hat family has got a long-standing association with the music scene – those in it and aspiring to be. But it has, potentially, become a bit ubiquitous. So why not opt for a wide-brimmed version? ASOS have got a few of these, or if you fancy making more of an investment, try a traditional milliner. Lock & Co Hatters in London are great and their Louisiana, Vienna and York fedoras are just the wide-brimmed ticket.

Men's Spring Hat Trends - The FedoraImage: River Island

5. The Flat Cap

A cousin of the baseball cap, the flat cap has roots in agriculture but has since been associated, like the fedora, with the music scene. It’s also just made an appearance on Dolce & Gabbana’s AW15 runway, but luckily you don’t have to be an Italian stallion or David Gandy doppelganger to pull one off. Wear it with your favourite heavyweight blazer (think tweed or wool), a classic Oxford shirt, slim-cut chinos and pair of smart brogue boots. Try English heritage brands like Barbour and Ted Baker for an authentic design.

Men's Spring Hat Trends - The Flat CapImage: Clemente Talarico

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