Rising up from the gritty undercurrent of mainstream culture, modern streetwear is a growing global phenomenon, with varying influences and designs coming from all pockets of the globe.

To help you nail the aesthetic, we’re set to highlight some of the most authentic street and skate labels on the market.

1. Supreme

New York’s Supreme is one of the world’s most renowned streetwear brands, starting off life in 1994 as a hub for all things skating in downtown Manhattan.

Ran and visited by rebellious young skaters and artists alike, its first store quickly became the go-to place for counter-culture youth, frequented by hip-hop fans and punks alike.

Today, the label remains a one stop shop for those that like to challenge convention, allowing its customers to wear its boldly branded pieces as a badge of pride.

Available at supremenewyork.com.

2. Huf

Fellow US brand Huf also has its roots in skate culture, with founder and professional skater Keith Hufnagel launching his own-name line as a vehicle to blend his love of the board with his love of the alternative.

With a focus on creativity and free expression, Huf has become a go-to label for pieces with real attitude; check out its signature graphic tee for the brand’s trademark dose of unapologetic design.

Available at ASOS.

3. Spalwart

Swedish footwear label Spalwart has an unusual history, only finding life when its founders stumbled upon a disused factory, filled with machinery and moulds that had long since been forgotten.

To this day, the brand uses this very same equipment to produce its shoes, bringing trainer fans authentic and unique pieces beyond the mass-market designs we’ve become accustomed to.

Available at spalwart.com.

4. 10.Deep

This New York-born brand’s motto is “forget everyone and listen to yourself” – openly sidelining mainstream trends for individual style. The pioneering streetwear label has stuck rigidly to this ethos for fifteen years, embracing subcultures and street style with its attention-grabbing designs.

However, this hasn’t stopped 10.Deep from making its way into the fashion big leagues, with its collections being picked up by the likes of Colette in Paris, as well as LA’s Union and Fred Segal.

Available at Size?.

5. Bape

It’s hard to miss the signature prints and gorilla logo of Japan’s A Bathing Ape – AKA Bape – which have become modern icons of the streetwear scene.

Founded by producer Nigo in 1993, the label has seen itself expand into a global urban fashion leader thanks to its personality-filled designs and cult styles, each baring the instantly recognisable bold Bape prints.

This heightened level of popularity has lead to collaborations with fellow sports and streetwear brands, including Puma, Undefeated and adidas.

Available at Selfridges.

6. Neighborhood

Also hailing from Japan is Tokyo-based Neighborhood, which has been putting an urban twist on everyday casuals since 1994.

Its unique brand of streetwear sees staple styles given a sophisticated, clean finish via high quality fabrics and elegant graphics, for a slightly more understated effect.

In an effort to keep things authentic, Neighborhood does not widely distribute its pieces outside of Japan, making its collections even more covetable.

Available at Mr Porter.

7. Publish

Clean-cut, utilitarian separates are the domain of this streetwear up-and-comer, bringing an air of refinement to the world of urban casuals. It promises timeless pieces that transcend mainstream trends, helping you to build a polished yet expressive wardrobe for any season.

Hailed as an original pioneer of the popular jogger pant (even claiming June 16 as National Jogger Pants Day), expect more innovative and imaginative designs from Publish going forward. Definitely one to watch.

Available at Size?.

8. Palace

This ironically named brand gets its moniker from founder Lev Tanju, as a reference to the not-so luxurious London skate houses where he and his crew spent their youth.

This playful yet gritty street edge now runs through the label’s veins, creating a low-effort aesthetic with more than a touch of nostalgia – think VHS-style campaign videos with classic 1990s hip-hop soundtracks.

Since 2010, London-based Palace has attracted the attention of skate stars and fashion heads alike, building a strong roster of ambassadors and fans from Rihanna to A$AP Rocky.

Available at Consortium.

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