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What’s not to love about a new TV show that explores the darker side of the picturesque Florida Keys?

A new Netflix original series – whose previous hits include House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Fall and Peaky BlindersBloodline centres around the Rayburns: a close-knit family of adult siblings who run a local inn for their loyal guests. Sounds idyllic, right?

However, pretty soon this seemingly perfect family unit starts to fall apart when their black sheep brother returns home and threatens to spill the dark Rayburn secret. We don’t want to spoil it for you, so plot aside, here are four reasons why you should be adding Bloodline to your viewing schedule:

The Cast Is Epic

Nearly every cast member in Bloodline is known for their previous work across film and/or TV.

Kyle Chandle, who plays John, one of the four Rayburn brothers, was coach Eric Taylor in the superb Friday Night Lights. Then there’s Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn, playing the lead Rayburn brother, Danny, who you’ll know from The Dark Knight Rises.

Yet best of all, Sissy Spacek plays the needy Rayburn mum, Sally. Don’t know who Sissy is? She was Carrie in the original horror flick of the same name.

It’s A Masterclass In Acting

With such a stellar line-up, it should come as no surprise that the acting is top notch. Seriously, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Rayburns were actually a family.

The underlying tension between Danny and John is palpable, even though it isn’t directly addressed for almost the entire season, while Danny and younger brother Kevin, played by Norbert Leo Butz, are constantly in conflict, which brings an edge to any scene they share together.

The environment plays its part too – not only is the backdrop of the Florida Keys visually stunning, the hot, sweltering climate brings another dimension to the interaction between each character.

It’s Created By The Kessler Brothers

You’re probably already a fan of the Kessler brother’s back catalogue, you just don’t know it.

The American duo are known for their addictive work on The Sopranos and Damages – both multi-award winning US shows that have gone on to become international franchises in their own right.

Expect to give up your social life for Bloodline, then.

You Can Binge-Watch It

Speaking of killing your social life, Netflix released the entire first season on the same day, which means that there is no need to wait each week for your next fix.

With the writers of the show told to treat the series as one big storyline, it starts slow and builds over the course of the thirteen episodes, making Bloodline ideal to binge-watch over the course of a weekend.

Although at times it can feel that nothing is really happening, stick with it – the last four episodes are some of the best TV you will watch all year and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen for a moment.

Bloodline Trailer

Still not convinced? Check out the official trailer below:

Season one of Bloodline is available to stream on Netflix UK & Ireland now.