Switching from the saddle to your desk in style is always a struggle. Even if you’re not the kind to commute in coruscating Lycra. So thank the bods at Ally Capellino and tokyobike, who’ve come together to ease your transition.

Available in three traffic-stopping colourways, the Ally Capellino x tokyobike backpack is constructed from a waterproof nylon exterior, so your important documents and tech remains safe and dry on the morning commute. The addition of a reflective strip and loop for a cycle light also means that you can ride safely and stylishly all night.

“I think tokyobike has a timeless design that has long been the hallmark of the Ally Capellino brand,” says tokyobike’s Neil Davis. “That means we share a lot of customers. Rarely a day goes by without a customer walking into our store wearing an Ally Capellino bag. Likewise, I’ll often see a tokyobike parked up outside one of their stores.”

“It’s not so much a cycling bag as a bag for cycling,” adds Capellino. “Cycling bags traditionally value function over form but this one balances both; all the classic elements of an Ally Capellino bag like the natural vegetable tan leather details, but it’s also waterproof, reflective and designed to match the colour of your tokyobike.”

Available from Ally Capellino’s three London shops and allycapellino.co.uk, as well as Tokyobike London, New York and Tokyo, from 23 March.