A porn star physique isn’t essential to putting in a porn star performance. But it helps. Besides improving your partner’s view, your work in the gym means you’ll set new PBs back home: if you can lift a barbell, you can lift your bedmate; if you’ve got the stamina for 30 minutes of stop-start sprints then – well, you get the point.

Exercise offers some more subtle sexual benefits too. US researchers found that cardio – which improves circulation – makes your heart pump more blood, well, everywhere. Studies also show that lifting heavy weights spikes the male sex hormone testosterone, which means an equal lift to your libido. Plus, both will get rid of that roll of fat around your belt buckle – meaning what sits beneath benefits from a confidence-boosting optical illusion.

The aforementioned benefits come with any sort of sweat. But this workout has more specific aims. Each move translates straight between the sheets: upper-body moves let you hold your other half’s weight; core strengtheners ensure you can keep control of yours; and you’ll find your flexible enough to tackle positions that look like CIA stress postures.

In short, you’ll be able to go harder, in new ways, for longer. Now you just need to find someone to practice with.

The Better Sex Circuit

Perform 10-12 reps of each move back to back, with only 30 seconds rest between each. Perform the entire circuit three times, at least twice a week.

Hand Walkout With Press-Up

This warm-up-cum-six-pack-strengthener stretches your hamstrings and lower back, then works your upper body and core. The press-up finish builds your pecs and triceps. Which means you’ll be able to hold the missionary position until your partner sees god.

How To Do It

From a standing position, bend down and place your hands on the floor, keeping your legs straight. Slowly ‘walk’ your hands forward until you’re in a press-up position, do one press-up, then ‘walk’ your hands back to the start.

Kettlebell Swing

This total-body move hits your lower back, thighs, shoulders and hip flexors, all of which control those all-important thrusting motions. It also demands deft rhythm.

How To Do It

Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell by the handle between your legs. Squat down a little and then drive up through your heels, swinging the kettlebell up to about chin height with straight arms.

At this top position, squeeze your glutes and tense your core before lowering it back down between your legs, squatting slightly as you do. Just take care not to bring it too far back, or you’ll curtail your performance for good.


Another move that works those trusty hip flexors, the V-sit also helps correct posture and build the kind of six-pack that makes your actual skills slightly irrelevant.

How To Do It

Start in a seated position with your knees bent and feet off the floor. With your arms by your sides, slowly lean back and extend your legs until they make a V-position with your torso.

Hold for a few seconds and return to the start and repeat.

Sandbag Squat

Weighted sandbags are found in the free weight sections of most modern gyms. Their weight – like a human’s – constantly shifts around, so your body has to work to stay balanced. Perfect practice for taking things from horizontal to vertical.

How To Do It

Stand with your feet shoulder-with apart and hug the sandbag to your body. Do a squat by pushing your hips back and bending your knees, keeping a slight curve in the small of your back and your chest puffed out. Sink as low as possible then drive back up through your heels.

Barbell Hip Thrust

The best move for building hip flexor strength, bar none. As close as you can get to practising the deed, without being kicked out of your gym.

How To Do It

Start with shoulders on a bench and your feet planted on the floor, to make a table position. Get a partner to rest a barbell directly over your hips (use a towel or folded mat to protect your important parts).

Slowly lower your hips down as far as you can comfortably go, then thrust back up to the starting position.

Crocodile Crawl

Half press-up, half plank, this move enhances all over flexibility while burning fat like a furnace. Those moves in the back of the Karma Sutra will suddenly be a lot less intimidating.

How To Do It

Get in a press-up position and crawl forward by extending one arm in front of you, at the same time bringing the knee of your opposite leg as far forward as possible. Repeat with the other arm and leg. That’s one rep.

Keep your core and glutes braced so your back stays flat and your hips and chest are almost brushing the floor.