At FashionBeans, we love a genuine limited edition just as much as the next person, but UrbanEars has taken the concept of exclusively a little too far for comfort. The brand best known for turning out colourful audio accessories is releasing a range of headphones – wait for it – drenched in other people’s sweat.

Sweat is literally up for sale. We’ll pause to let you take that one in.

In a move that’s going to have people thinking the world of fashion is as mad as a box of sweaty frogs; UrbanEars asked seven musicians, athletes, and style role models to work out in its Hellas headphones. After getting drenched in salty perspiration, each pair was sealed in a bag to keep the secretion as “fresh” as possible, then signed and labeled with the details of the sweat session.

We imagine this is big news for sweat fetishists (we Googled it, they’re called salophiliacs), but all we can think about is the seven sweat stars, chained to treadmills in a heated warehouse somewhere and being forced to sprint until they excrete enough fluid for the full production run.

The weird thing is; the headphones actually look good. They come in a range of colourways including blue/black, grey/orange, and tonal black. They’re also wireless and feature a touch interface on the ear cup that allows you to swipe through songs and pick up calls. And they’re washable. Which is a blessing considering they’re covered in actual sweat.

The sweaty headphones are priced the same as a regular pair of Hellas, so I guess we can be grateful we aren’t being charged extra to enjoy the product of someone else’s bodily functions. We just hope other companies don’t catch wind of this and follow suit. We’re looking at you, underwear brands.

The first Limited Sweat Edition headphones will go on sale online on May 27, priced at £99. Additional pairs will be released at regular intervals in the weeks that follow.