Carry More

Not just a pretty face, this luxury bag from Filson is nearly as roomy as the TARDIS, and has dividers for chucking gym kit in separate sections so sweaty socks don’t rub shoulders with the rest of your stuff.

Developed to withstand the rigours of the American gold rush, the tough, water- and tear-resistant fabric is plenty durable for whatever the changing room floor has in store.

Available at Filson, priced $270.

Bulletproof Your Feet

Varying your workouts is the quickest route to a physique that would make Johnny Bravo jealous. But your lap-the-park trainers are too soft for the squat rack.

The Reebok Nano 5.0 was developed for CrossFit’s kitchen sink approach to training: it’s a featherweight shoe that hugs your feet, to shave seconds off your sprint PB, but built around a firm midsole that transfers power more efficiently and keeps you stable under heavy weights.

It even features Kevlar uppers, to bulletproof your gains.

Available at Reebok, priced £109.

Turn It Up

Multiple studies show listening to music turns your performance at everything from running to chucking kettlebells up to 11. But most headphones either slip off when you hit max effort, or are too tinny to drown out the bench press grunts.

Bragi’s in-ear buds are completely waterproof with a 4GB track memory, so you can leave the iPhone Plus in your locker. It’s also the world’s most discreet performance tracker, offering audio updates of heart rate (measured through your pulsating eardrum), activity duration, and number of steps. The coach you plug into your brain.

Available at Amazon, priced £249.

Defy Nature

Even with a bag that promotes kit segregation, sweaty threads can still clear an office. Keep your colleagues sweet with Luulemon’s tech-infused tees, which are woven from a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s treated to stop the growth of stink-causing bacteria.

Yes, you can just about get away with keeping it on post-gym. No, we don’t recommend it.

Available at Lululemon, priced £62.

Go Commando (But Not Really)

Like a good gym-goer, you always put the weights back on the rack. But stowing your own barbell is a touch trickier. You need something snug enough to stop your boys swinging on that snatch clean, but which won’t distract the rest of the weights room when you lunge.

Bjorn Borg’s 2-in-1s couple normal shorts with a snug under-layer, made from sweat-wicking fabric that’s sewn with no-chafe seams. So you’re not kept out of the gym by a very personal injury.

Available at Bjorn Borg, priced £31.50.

Bottoms Up

Your kit bag’s full enough without a bulk box of protein powder. But you need to refuel as soon as your session’s finished.

The Umoro One V2 lets you drink from its leakproof, BPA-free main chamber while you’re training, but once you’ve squeezed out the final rep, just hit the red button and your protein powder drops down from the upper chamber. Shake, drink, grow.

Available at Amazon, priced £19.99.

Wash & Go

Separate toiletries take up space – and time. American Crew’s Classic 3-in-1 combines a shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in one bottle and, unlike most combi products, is at least the sum of its parts; it’s gentle to gym-battered skin but still leaves your hair clean and sleek.

Available at Mankind, priced £12.30.

Be Smooth

It says ‘a farmer’s friend’ on the tin, but the blend of botanical oils, herbs and beeswax in Burt’s Bee’s Hand Salve makes it the perfect acquaintance for anyone lifting less agricultural metal.

Stop calluses developing and keep hands supple with a quick post-gym application.

Available at Boots, priced £6.66.

Leave On A Top Note

Post-workout, your elevated body temperature means fragrance burns off quicker. To avoid fumigating your commute, stick to light, citrus fragrances, and apply sparingly.

This selection kit from Irish fragrance house Roads offers 10 sporty scents, each in a 4ml vial that saves kitbag space. Spritz once post-shower, then top up once you stop sweating.

Available at Avery Perfume Gallery, priced £78.