This Is Ground Grande Tech Dopp Kit Leather Travel Organiser

Dumping all your on-the-go gadgetalia into a carry-on can quickly spiral into a tangled and frustrating mess. Restore order with a travel organiser, kitted out with enough pockets and loops to secure every charger, headphone and cord in your arsenal.

The original Dopp kit, invented by Charles Doppelt in 1919, was designed to stash a man’s toiletries but today extends to tech. The Italian-made leather case from This Is Ground also solves the problem of needing somewhere to store sunglasses until you land in sunnier climes.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £175.

Krug Island Festival

Festivals are usually a haze of portaloos, flat beer and body odour, that is of course unless they are planned by champagne house Krug with help from punk legend Mick Jones (The Clash) and maverick chef Michael O’Hare.

Billed as a multi-sensory celebration of food, music and, of course, champagne, the Krug Island festival will take place on Osea, a private isle just off the east of England. In addition to four square miles of unspoilt landscapes, guests will enjoy a mix of leading and emerging names in the UK music scene. We’ll take that over Glasto any day.

The Krug Island Festival takes place on 1 September, tickets are priced from £449 including transport and accommodation.

Cos x Hay Salt And Pepper Mill

Novelty salt and pepper shakers have no place at the table. Stay on your grind with a set of conversation-starting dispensers, like the pentagonal mills to come out of a tie-up between premium retailer Cos and Danish furniture company Hay.

The centrepiece-status design is made from a matte-finish coloured plastic and comes in dark grey, ivory or, aptly, salmon.

Available at Cos, priced £25.

Leff Brick Flip Clock

The easiest way to up your office cachet is with a stylish desk clock. When looking to cause cubical-envy, channel Mad Men-level sophistication by ditching digital in favour of a retro-inspired flip clock.

Dutch design company Leff has modernised the mechanical sixties icon, housing it within with a hand brushed copper case, while retaining the timeless look of the original numbered blades.

Available at Bear And Bear, priced £269.

Nike Wing Sunglasses

The main feature of Nike’s new insanely aerodynamic sunglasses is that they offer something to hide behind when the eye-watering price tag sets in. Well, maybe not the main one – that would be that they are made from a single piece of curved glass, without a single hinge, screw and bolt – but the other feature helps.

No you don’t need them, yes they’ll just sit at the back of the cupboard with those running trainers you used once, but look at them.

Available at Nike, priced £925.

Tom Ford’s US Ranch

You won’t see this one on Homes Under The Hammer. Design genius Tom Ford has put his sprawling $75m (£58m) Santa Fe ranch on the market.

We can only assume he wants to downsize from the estate which, in addition to 20,662 acres of land (plus mountains), comes with an eight-stall horse barn, staff quarters, guest houses, an Old West movie set and its own landing strip (probably for flying between bathrooms).

Available at Kevin Bobolsky Group, priced £58m.

Pavilion Speaker Limited Edition

The Pavilion from LA-based Hult Design takes an architectural approach to audio. Aside from producing stunning audio, the structural Bluetooth speaker device sits on top of a high-density concrete base and features an exposed copper coil that boosts bass frequencies.

The cylindrical device also comes in a limited edition version with hand-crafted brass accents. So the result is one that is meant to be seen as much as heard.

Available at The Conran Shop, priced £295.

Miele CM7500 Coffee Machine

The good stuff is everywhere these days, but don’t listen to java-snobs who claim the only way to get yours is to have it handcrafted by way of hipster barista with a degree from The Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies.

Machines like Miele’s bean-to-cup CM7500 model offer the perfect blend of style and substance. Its one-touch drink selector means you can operate it in a completely brainless fashion (very handy first thing in the morning.)

Available at Miele, priced £2,369.