Dates are a decision minefield – what to wear (and what to not), where to go, how to end the date, how soon to text afterwards – the list goes on. Even if you ace the initiation encounter, there’s the second one to think about.

So, to eliminate at least some of the pain – here are eight stylish date ideas to try because you’re, err, stylish and, you know, not a 13-year-old girl.

Get Some Culture

Soak up some culture with a trip to a museum – just make sure it’s an interesting one. You can even take it up a notch by seeing which museums are open late for adults and serve booze (that helpful first date lubricant).

A Cooking Class

Whether it’s sushi, cocktails or pizza, a cooking class is a great date idea. You can suss out each other’s culinary skills, and there’s no pressure for awkward conversation. A cooking class is an opportunity to show how good you are with your hands (easy), and really, it’s like two dates in one because you’ll get to eat your masterpieces together afterwards. Prepare to go top of the class.

Hire A Boat

There a plenty of lakes and canals that offer boat hire, especially in parks and tourist attractions. Hire a rowing boat or a pedalo for an hour, and get some private time with a view. There’s nothing like a relaxed boat ride with just the two of you to set the mood and get the conversation flowing. Just try to keep your competitive side in check, no one wants to watch a sweaty mess racing speedboats and knocking ducks out on the way.

See Some Comedy

Nothing lightens the mood and releases the endorphins quite like a night of laughter. To remove the pressure of having to wheel out your dad’s old favourites, take your date to a local comedy night for some D-list comedy, and you’ll win either way. Whether it’s great or terrible, you’ll have something to talk about on the way home.

Get Walking

Be slightly unconventional and suggest an afternoon stroll through a park or along a canal. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and live near a city, try out a themed walking tour. Whether it’s to learn more about a local historical character, a graffiti tour or an evening ghost walk – it’s one way to guarantee there are no dull moments. Just, make sure you check the weather first and have a few backup pubs in mind.

Get Some Animals Involved

No, not like that. We all know the number one quality someone looks for in a mate is the ability to get rid of spiders so (providing you can look at a tarantula without screaming) this is the perfect time to position yourself as their Bear Grylls in shining armour.

Get Musical

A night of jazz over some cocktails will never disappoint. Of course, if jazz makes you and/or your date want to jam the nearest object you can find into your ears, find something else. Just make sure you go for a smaller venue with more relaxed vibes. Otherwise, you’ll be going home with an alcopop-stained outfit, ringing ears and no idea what your date’s name was.

Go For A Ride

If you live anywhere near a bike hire scheme, get your dates heart rate racing by taking them for a ride somewhere scenic. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you could even stop off for a picnic in the park, or find a country pub to drink back those lost calories.