We all want to be better at something. Better in the gym. Better at work. Better in the kitchen. But better in bed? That’s something we all want to be better at.

Our dad’s told us, if something (or, we guess, someone) is worth doing, then it’s (or they are) worth doing right. While it’s weird to think of our dads while reading this, it’s true. So here are eight ways to get better at sex.

Like Yourself Naked

Confidence (but not cockiness, funnily enough) is key in the bedroom. Curling up in the foetal position under the sheets and asking for the lights to be switched off every time you get naked is going to do nothing for the mood (or your size).

Understand Anatomy

Everyone has different erogenous zones; if you don’t know where they are, have fun finding them. Listen for short intakes of breath, whispered words of appreciation, groans to know when you’re hitting the right spots.

Of course, there are also a few universal ones (clitoris, G-spot, prostate) – learn what they are and what to do with them.

Slow Down

Don’t go straight for the goods and bang away like it’s a conjugal visit about to end. Put the breaks on and allow the mood to build to a, well, climax. Edging is a great technique that can be used to increase orgasm intensity and delay ejaculation.

Invest the time and you will reap the rewards.

Understand The Mind

Despite the whole, you know, body-on-body stuff, sex isn’t just psychical. As humans, we’re always stimulated mentally first, then the body follows – so it pays to get the other person in the right frame of mind.

Ensure all the senses are catered for, be it with music, blindfolds, light touching, or just tidying your living room.

Talk Dirty

Communication is one of the key factors to having mutually satisfying, mind-blowing sex. As a step up from this, try telling each other what you want to do before you do it. Yes, it can be a bit cringe and result in a few giggles, but learn how to do it well and it’ll get everyone’s juices flowing.

Do The Basics Well

Don’t just aim to get really good at sticking your penis in things. Master kissing, touching, oral and everything else that lays groundwork for the main event.

Ask what and how the other person likes things, get feedback, and over time you’ll build a solid repertoire of moves.

Last Longer

There is such thing as too much of a good thing, but popping your load 30 seconds in is a long way off that mark. If finishing too early is an issue, try training yourself at home (I mean, where else?) with masturbation techniques such as stopping just before climaxing, then starting again.

Work Out

The penis is an organ made up of muscle tissue, therefore it stands to reason that it can benefit from a workout. A circuit that focuses on building muscle and stamina means you’ll be able to go for longer and attempt more adventurous positions.