They say that your suit says a lot about you. That’s certainly true of pro fighter Conor McGregor, who turned up for a press conference with Floyd Mayweather in what is best described as a statement pinstripe suit.

It looks like refined tailoring from a distance, but closer inspection reveals a pretty direct message, presumably aimed at his future opponent: it says “fuck you” again and again and again.

The pair were face to face, cranking up the hype for their long-gestating super-fight in Las Vegas next month. We’re not sure whether to applaud McGregor turning tailoring into trash talk or not, but it wasn’t just the suit that had words.

McGregor said about Mayweather, “He’s in a fucking tracksuit, he can’t even afford a suit any more.” To be fair, Mayweather (who was indeed in sportswear) then pulled out a cheque for $100 million.

Next month’s match-up is reportedly worth $500 million, so perhaps the swaggering Irishman thinks he can rock the baller threads. He can certainly afford something bespoke – and we’re pretty sure he didn’t get this from the Next SS17 line.

Still, we wouldn’t recommend it for the office.