Becky from Year 8 Biology – are you reading this? Good, well sit down and pay attention: nobody cares about your trip to Zante with the girls. And that’s not just us being mean (okay, it kind of is) – but evidence from an in-depth study carried out by insurance provider Aviva backs us up.

According to a survey of over 2,000 people, 73 per cent admitted that they find holiday snaps annoying despite almost the same number posting similar photos themselves. And as if the typical ‘hand-on-hip, Blue-Lagoon-in-hand’ fare wasn’t bad enough, there’s an element of danger – you’re pretty much advertising that nobody is at home. Double-tap from the local burglar.

Interestingly enough, a third of respondents placed the soul-destroying ‘hot dog legs’ snap as the most infuriating of the bunch. Becky, please take note. Lads, posting your #squad images from Magaluf, you’re guilty, too. EmRata – you’re fine.