Japan is responsible for some of the wackier things in life: robot-operated hotels. Square watermelons. Yoko Ono. But Osaka-based tech outfit Panasonic has released a gadget that we can actually see ourselves using.

Enter the Nanoi X – a new deodorising clothes hanger that’s music to slovenly ears. Using patented ‘nanoe’ technology, the anti-laundry gadget electrifies tiny water particles in the air to refresh your fabrics without full-on washing – a bit like a small-scale, very complicated steamer.

These particles are released from eight different points on the hanger and, depending on how rank your clothes are, can be amped up with two different settings: five hours on a normal cycle, seven if you’ve been smoking a twenty pack in your local kebab shop.

Sheer laziness costs, though, to the sweet tune of 20,000 Yen. Which translates to around £140. Would you pay your way out of laundry day?