One of the reasons Ryan Gosling always looks good is that when he finds a style that works, he sticks to it. In the past he’s done it with colour-pop tailoring, eye-catching bomber jackets and a timeless hairstyle that suits his face shape. Now it seems he’s settled on his signature autumn style.

While promoting the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, Gosling has opted for abstract print jumpers under a loose, casual jacket (usually denim, but subs in other workwear styles, too). It looks equal parts comfortable and effortlessly stylish. And it’s as autumnal as a pumpkin pie on a pile of dry leaves, next to a roaring fire.

One version of the new Gosling staple involved a light denim jacket thrown over a grey patterned sweatshirt, and in another, a darker denim jacket teamed with a dark red jumper with a horizontal print.

He’s also worn a more neutral variation of the look with a brown jacket and patterned jumper to match. It works with denim or thicker chino styles and the Gos finishes the look off with a puddle-proof pair of worker boots.

Granted, it might not be the most adventurous look, but leave the experimenting to Jared Leto. This is an easy layering win for the most hit-and-miss of seasons.