With the advent of the internet (and with it, PornHub and Tinder), we’ve never been more sexually liberated. Just as we’re getting free and easy to do whatever we pleasey, however, a new report shows less positive growth for the very stuff at the source of it all: our semen.

According to troubling new stats from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reviewed data from over 185 different studies showed a 59 per cent decline in sperm counts in richer countries. So if you’re from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, that means you.

If we’re still, to pardon the term, getting our ends away, then what’s behind such a drop? Well, the jury’s out, but exposure to chemicals in the womb, pesticide intake and the stresses of modern life have all been linked – and there are ways to safeguard your own swimmers, too.

Ditching cigarettes, more exercise and a better diet all abet good health, and unsurprisingly, those things bode well for your sperm production, too. Less obvious methods include limiting your sexual activity. The more you ejaculate, the less dense your semen is, which in turn reduces the quality. If you have sex everyday (you voracious lothario, you) or simply opt for a nightly tug, expect your sperm quality to flounder.

What’s more, remove the ‘lap’ from ‘laptop’. A 2007 study by the Instituto Nacional in Madrid showed that because of the hanging nature of our testicles, they should be a few degrees cooler than our body temperature. So expect saunas, tight underwear and indeed, overheating laptops, to slay your sperm count.

Don’t be completely disheartened just yet, though. Like all studies, the report has critics in the science community. Simply keep your lifestyle balanced and your libido checked, and your swimmers should weather a sinking ship with ease.