When it comes to attraction, we’re all slaves to biological and evolutionary biases and behaviours – and Tinder is no exception. Researchers have found that both men and women present themselves in a way they think will attract the opposite sex – down to the small detail of where they position the camera to take that all important profile pic.

While women are most likely to position their camera from above – men are more likely to do the opposite. Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan analysed more than 900 Tinder selfies, and found that men like it on the bottom. Their camera, that is.

Men on Tinder position their camera angle from below, making them appear taller and more “powerful,” according to the study. The researchers explain that men are very aware that masculinity is strongly associated with being tall, and is a preference for women swiping through the app.

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It cites research suggesting that tall men are “commonly associated with protection, high social status, and access to resources, whereas shorter women are perceived to symbolize faithfulness and subordination.”

But height isn’t the only goal when lining up the Tinder selfies. Other features can also be manipulated by a simple angle change, according to the study. For men, this includes a broad jawline – which can also be achieved by taking a selfie from below. The study states:

“Taking a picture from below thus serves the purpose of creating an illusion of a pronounced jaw, as it obscures the size of the jaw relative to the face.”

It’s all about the angles.