So, Floyd Mayweather won. Which is about as surprising as a builder with a bacon sandwich. Conor McGregor did exceed expectations in the superfight/circus, however, and it seems the battle is by no means over: there’s to be a rematch.

Except, this one isn’t in the ring. While plenty would pay good money to see two of the most disliked showboaters bell seven shades of shit out of one another, it seems your cold hard cash can go towards their other rivalry: fashion.

Floyd Mayweather is to release an exclusive collab with Philipp Plein (see below), a designer that goes through sequins like most do hot dinners. And it’s exactly what you’d expect: black, gold, lots of branding and lots of sparkles. Funny choice of clobber for a man prone to homophobic outbursts, and one that’s expected to be released in four instalments over the year.

Not to be outdone, though, McGregor has entered the ropes too by partnering with California-based tailor, David Heil. The collection – named August McGregor – hasn’t been seen yet but is set to “rival Net-A-Porter” (his words, not ours) in terms of greatness. It follows McGregor’s own whiskey label and multiple sponsorship agreements with Beats by Dr Dre and Monster Energy drinks.

So, judging by the slew of war crime promotional looks, who’s set to be the winner? Not us, that’s for sure.