Think about it: you wear clean pants every single day (and if you don’t, be ashamed). So why aren’t bedsheets given the same daily treatment? We spend over a third of our lives tucked up and horizontal, and if you give laundry day a miss, it’s not just your significant other that you’ll be sharing a bed with.

Speaking to Business Insider, New York University microbiologist Philip Tierno claims that your happy place can quickly become a hotbed of fungus, microbes and dirt if left unwashed, with microscopic life flourishing within the folds and wrinkles of bedsheets. He recommends you wash your sheets once a week.

On average, humans produce around 26 gallons of water every year, most of which occurs while sleeping. So, imagine all that sweat and general gunk setting up shop, with added amounts of sputum, skin cells and – shudder – vaginal and anal excretions. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, with researchers finding as many as 16 different types of fungus in a test sample of pillows.

Next time you simply can’t be arsed to strip your bed, just think about who you’re really spooning with.