Another clever portmanteau from the wonderful bowels of the internet: a ‘mangagement’ ring. Which is exactly what you’re thinking – an engagement ring for men. Oh, you clever digital marketers, you.

As we venture forth into progressive times (the Trump administration notwithstanding), it turns out more and more men are following their brides with an engagement ring. Just a few years ago, a study by online matrimonial hub XO Group Inc found that five per cent of men are getting a ring. And, keen to cash in, jewellers are releasing engagement bands for menfolk: H. Samuel alone stocks eight different types.

It’s not because grooms are jealous of the bling, either. Speaking to The Independent, 27-year-old Josh Cooke (and proud mangagement ring wearer) said that “we’re all about equality,” and other couples reasoned that a marriage is an agreement that shouldn’t be solely down to one half. Which all sounds pretty reasonable.

Still, we’re not sure how much of a craze – or more likely, a phase – this will be. According to figures from wedding planner app Bridebook, the average cost of a wedding in 2017 sits at a staggering £27,000, meaning yet another ring is likely to cause another expense. We’re out on this one.